XAT Toppers 2021 List

  • Saswat Gupta

    Exam score : 99.98 percentile

    An inspiration to CAT 2018 aspirants, Saswat Gupta cracked CAT 2017 with 99.91 percentile and got admission in FMS Delhi. A graduate from IIT Delhi in Mechanical Engineering, Saswat appeared in XAT 2018 also and scored 99.97 percentile.


    Saswat was offered admission at IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, IIM Kozhikode, XLRI Jamshedpur, apart from FMS Delhi but preferred to join FMS.


    Saswat belongs to a modest family of four people – his home maker and artist mother; father doing private service, and his younger student sister.  

  • Mukesh Goyal

    Exam score : 99.80 percentile

    CAT 2017 can be conquered with 100 percentile by the determined students from small towns and with their self preparation, is the message Mukesh Goyal, CAT 2016 topper with 100 percentile and student of MBA 2017-19 batch at FMS Delhi shares with the CAT 2017 aspirants.


    Apart from CAT, Mukesh appeared in XAT 2017 and IIFT 2016 also. He scored 99.795 in XAT and 99.84 in IIFT but preferred to join FMS Delhi as it was his dream B-school.


    Mukesh hails from a modest family of small town Sunam in Sangrur district of Punjab. His father is a businessman and mother is homemaker. Sunam, as the name reflects represents a good reputation and true to the reputation of his birth place, Mukesh has added flying colours to it. Few may be aware that Sunam is also the birthplace of Shaheed Udham Singh, the great martyr who laid his life in Indian independence Movement by avenging of Jalianwala Bagh Massacre where British killed hundreds of innocent Indians.  


    Mukesh Goyal was a working professional when he started his CAT 2016 preparation. He balanced his CAT preparation with his working hours and managed both. It was not only simple preparation but also a good deal of devotion was required to overcome the weakness in VARC section.


    Breaking the myth that Coaching is required to crack CAT exam, Mukesh remained stuck to self preparation but took as many Mocks as possible. An inspiration to CAT 2017 aspirants, Mukesh advises the MBA aspirants to take more and more Mocks, analyse them and have peer discussion which will help in boosting your score in CAT 2017.


    Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) of Delhi University is the dream B-school for CAT toppers who prefer the campus to IIMs and other top B-schools due to the various USPs of this highly ranked B-school which has a legacy of more than 60 years. FMS Delhi is the highest RoI B-school with very low fee structure and high placements.


    Mukesh has been a consistent performer throughout his academics. He scored 91.2% in class 10; 87.8% marks in class 12 and 72% marks in Bachelor in Engineering (B.E.). Mukesh had worked as Market Analyst at Futures First before joining MBA 2017-19 at FMS Delhi. Mukesh has great interest in playing and watching Cricket & Football doing  Acting among other hobbies.

  • Shekhar Kapoor

    Exam score : 99.06 percentile

    Shekhar is a B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering  and has a work experience of 21 months. A working professional, Shekhar had to balance his professional duties and the study hours but made it sure to score high in XAT 2016 and CAT 2015 get into SPJIMR Mumbai, one of the highly ranked B-schools in India.

    My exam prep strategy, experience & Advice

    For the benefit of MBA aspirants, MBAUniverse.com asked Shekhar Kapoor about his preparation strategy and advice to do well in MBA entrance exams. Details follow

    Q. What was your preparation strategy for XAT?

    A.Since I had already been working when I decided to appear in XAT 2016, I knew that there would be times when my work deadlines would demand my undivided attention so it was better to start early. I started preparations in December 2014. I used to devote 1-2 hours on a daily basis. Once the new pattern was announced, I just focused on attempting as many mocks as possible to get my timing right.

    I needed to have thorough knowledge of various concepts to arrive at an answer, as elimination of options was not possible for each question.

    Q. How did you prepare for each section VALA, QADI, DM? What study materials and books did you use?

    A. I divided my time unequally among the three sections based on my level of proficiency. For my strong sections, I used to perform sectional tests and used to touch upon only those areas where I felt I needed to brush up. While for my weak section, I used devote some extra time in order to first get my basics in place to gain accuracy, and then practicing extensively to gain speed.

    Q. Did you change your preparation strategy after the announcement of the pattern change in XAT 2016 or you followed the same routine?

    A. The new changes mandated one to not only have in-depth understanding of the section(s) of one's interest to maximize the score but also to have breadth of knowledge by showing one's proficiency in the other section(s). From the knowledge point of view, I feel that the changes were for the best. As shared above I divided my time unequally among the 3 sections based on my level of proficiency.

    Q.Was there any particular section that you were weak at? How did you overcome this challenge?

    A.Quantitative Methods was my strongest area while Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation was my weak area. I tried to keep calm in the area and focused more on attempting few questions correctly rather than attempting many questions but with low accuracy.

    Q.What was your Time Management formula for XAT?

    A. I divided the allotted time in 3 chunks. The first chunk was of 30 minutes where I started with the first question and kept on attempting only those which I felt were sitters. I simultaneously kept on marking the questions which, though a bit lengthy, were easy to solve. At the end of 30 minutes I reached the end of the section with all the questions to be attempted in the second chunk. Then, I started attempting these questions spending not more than 2 minutes per question. This chunk was for 20 minutes. In the last 10 minutes, I tried to attempt at least 3 to 4 questions among the ones I had previously thought that they were difficult.

    Q.Please share your strategy for the XAT Day. How did you plan your XAT test taking?

    A. Attempting XAT is little more difficult as we were expected to be equally good at attempting every section. But it didn't affect my way of attempting questions as I had practiced well and performed calculations using the oral and manual calculations. 

    Q. Which B-school you decided upon and why? 

    A.I decided upon SPJIMR. The one thing that I like the most about SPJIMR is its agility. SPJIMR is quick to adapt to the changing needs of the industry and is always in a quest to produce managers who have a global outlook yet don't forget their Indian values.

    Q.What made you pursue MBA?

    A. While interning at Honeywell Technology Solutions Ltd., I realized that I was not meant to be a software programmer in an IT firm. But the clarity of thought was missing as to what I wanted to become. It was only during my stint with CISCO that I realized what my inner calling was. In an all-hands meeting at CISCO, I watched the Vice President of our business unit address a crowd of 300 employees. The way he presented his strategic ideas to take down the competition, his way of engaging the audience and communicating his vision for the business unit left me spellbound. That was a defining moment for me. 

    Q. Any message you would like to share with the candidates preparing for XAT.

    A. I think one gives one's best when one is least bothered about the outcome. Just give your best to the preparations and while attempting the paper without worrying about the results or which college you'll join. No one can keep a person devoid of what one deserves. So work to deserve what you need!

  • Kumar Ravi

    Exam score : 98.80 percentile

    Kumar Ravi has scored 99.99 percentile in CAT 2017 and is now the student of MBA 2018-20 batch at FMS Delhi.  Kumar is a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from VNIT Nagpur and has earned


    8 months working experience in Pidilite Industries Limited before joining FMS Delhi.


    Kumar Ravi hails from Munger, Bihar. Apart from CAT 2017, he also appeared in XAT 2018 and scored 98.8 percentile. Apart from FMS Delhi, Kumar was offered admission at XLRI-BM, MDI-PGPM but preferred to join FMS Delhi

  • Rajat Tomar

    Exam score : 98.67 percentile

    Rajat Tomar has done B.Tech in Mechanical Engg. from HBTI Kanpur and is now pursuing PGDRM from IRMA. He has a Work Experience of around 2 years in United Breweries Ltd. Rajat belongs to Baraut, Uttar Pradesh. His father is a teacher in primary school and his mother is a house-wife.


    Determined to crack CAT with high percentile, Rajat appeared in CAT exam and scored 92.5 percentile. 


    He has interest in Reading and Analyzing World Politics, Spirituality, Cricket, Badminton. 

  • Jhalak Agrawal

    Exam score : 98.23 percentile

    Jhalak Agrawal  has done B.Com (Hons.). She is a fresher and got admission in IRMA without any work experience. Jhalak Agrawal belongs to Guwahati.  Her  Father is a Businessman and her Mother is a housewife. She has younger brother and sister.


    Determined to crack CAT with high percentile, Jhalak Agrawal appeared in CAT exam and scored 83.59  percentile and in XAT exam scored 98.225 percentile. She also scored 18 in IRMASAT.


    She has interest in reading novels, watching movies and travelling.