CAT 2020 Slot 2 Analysis: Difficulty Level Up from Slot-1; Check Cut offs, Sectional Changes in Exam Pattern

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Updated on November 29, 2020
CAT 2020 Slot 2 got over at 2.30PM on Nov 29. Difficulty level in Slot-2 of CAT 2020 has gone up from slot-1 and the cut offs are expected to go down. shares the CAT 2020 slot-2 analysis immediately after the exam with all the important changes in CAT exam 2020 pattern, difficulty level, good attempts and expected cut offs for top percentile range. Read the detailed CAT analysis and check your expected percentile with CAT percentile Predictor
CAT 2020 Slot 2 Analysis

CAT Exam Slot-2 exam has got over at 2.30PM on November 29, 2020. The slot-2 of CAT 2020 has been rated more difficult than slot-1 and as such test takers may expect a lower cut offs in CAT 2020 slot-2 exam as compared to slot-1.

Read detailed CAT 2020 slot-2 analysis below from as shared by top CAT experts.

This year CAT exam has gone with multiple changes and the CAT 2020 slot wise analysis from consists of changes in exam pattern, difficulty level, expected cut offs, good attempts among others. With the reduction in number of questions in CAT 2020, the 99 percentile cut off is anticipated at a lower score than last year. CAT 2020 exam is conducted in three slots of two hours each in morning, afternoon and evening on Nov 29, instead of earlier two slots of three hours each:

  • CAT 2020 Morning Slot: 8.30 AM to 10.30 AM
  • CAT 2020 Afternoon Slot: 12.30 PM to 2.30 PM
  • CAT 2020 Evening Slot: 4.30PM to 6.30 PM

Major Changes introduced in CAT 2020 Exam 
CAT 2020 Centre has introduced following key changes in CAT 2020 exam pattern

  • CAT 2020 Exam duration is changed to 2 hours from earlier 3 hours
  • CAT exam 2020 is conducted in three separate sessions instead of two sessions
  • Exam was Divided into three sections: VARC; DILR; Quant
  • 40 Minutes were allotted to attempt each section instead of earlier 60 minutes
  • You could not move to other section till the time limit for the present section you were attempting got over.  
  • CAT 2020 Exam had reduced number of 76 Questions divided into 54 MCQs and 22 Non-MCQ type questions
  • MCQs had negative marking for wrong answer and Non-MCQs did not carry penalty of negative marking
  • 4 answer options were there for MCQ type questions
  • Answer for Non-MCQs had to be typed in the given space on computer screen
  • Score awarded for each correct answer: 3 marks
  • Negative marking (Applicable for  wrong answers in MCQs): -1 mark
  • Fixed order of sections to move beginning with VARC

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CAT 2020 Slot 2 Question Paper Pattern & Changes
The CAT 2020 Slot-2 question paper of 2 hours duration with key changes had the following pattern and sectional composition. CAT exam sectional order from Section-1 to Section-3, number and type of questions in each section, questions with and without negative marking and total maximum marks available for each section are as below:

Section as per CAT exam Pattern
Total questions
Total MCQs (With negative marking)
Total Non-MCQs (Without negative marking)
Section-1: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)
4 RC Passages with 18 MCQs
8 Non MCQs on VA questions  divided into Para jumbles, Para Summary, and Out of Context Sentences
Section-2: Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)
LR – 10 Ques
DI – 14 Ques
All in Sets of 6 & 4 Questions
Section-3: Quantitative Ability (QA)
High on Arithmetic. Other on Log, Geometry, Roots, Algebra

Source: analysis

Difficulty level in CAT 2020 Slot-2
Overall and sectional difficulty level in CAT 2020 slot-2 has gone up as compared to slot-1. Arun Sharma, top CAT expert is of the view that the cut off for 99 percentile in slot-2 of CAT 2020 especially for DILR section would go down to 28-33 marks as compared to 33-38 marks in slot-1.

CAT 2020 Slot-2: Section-wise Analysis
Below is shared the sectional analysis for CAT 2020 slot-2 exam

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension was the first section in CAT 2020 slot-2 question paper. Key highlights of the section are:

  • VARC section had 26 Questions as against 34 last year
  • Total Maximum marks allotted for the section were 78 as against 102 last year
  • Number of MCQs were 18
  • Number of Non-MCQs were 8
  • Number of RC Passages: 4
  • Number of RC Based questions: 18
  • Type of RC Based Questions: MCQs asking to explain the phrases, vocabulary as used in RC Passage, inferences, Main Idea 
  • Number of VA questions: 8
  • Type of VA questions: Non-MCQs
  • Verbal Question Topics: Para Summary, Jumbled paragraphs, Out of context sentence in Jumbled paragraph
  • Difficulty Level: Higher than Slot-1
  • Cut off Expected for 99 Percentile: 38-44 marks

Section-2: DILR Analysis for CAT 2020
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning was the second section in CAT 2020 Slot-2 question paper. The section was more difficult than in slot-1 and was more time consuming. Only those test takers who practiced variety of problems of different difficulty level could make required number of good attempts as the time limit was less.  Key highlights, difficulty level and likely cut off for DILR section in CAT 2020 Slot-2 are as under.

  • DILR section had 24 Questions
  • Total Maximum Marks assigned for the section were 72 as against 96 last year
  • Number of MCQs were 18
  • Number of TITA questions (Non-MCQs) were 6
  • Number of DI Questions: 14 in CAT 2020 as against 16 earlier
  • Type of DI Based Questions: All questions were based on sets.  
  • Type of DI Problem Sets: Each followed by 6 or 4 questions. DI Sets were based on Comparison Tables, data analysis
  • Number of LR Questions were 10 in CAT 2020 as against 16 last year
  • Type of LR Based Questions: All questions were based on sets.
  • Type of LR Problem Sets: Each followed by 6 and 4 four questions.
  • Difficulty Level: DILR Difficulty in Slot-2 was higher than slot-1
  • Cut off Expected for 99 Percentile: 28-33 marks

Section-3: QA Analysis in CAT 2020 Slot-2
Quantitative Ability (QA) in CAT 2020 slot-2 question paper. This section had more number of questions based on Arithmetic. Many candidates, especially from Non-Mathematics and Non-Engineering background, who are not well versed with Trigonometry, Solid Geometry, Algebra had an opportunity to crack the QA section by solving Arithmetic questions with 90% accuracy level to cross the IIM cut offs. Key highlights of the QA section in CAT 2020 slot-2 were: 

  • QA section had 26 Questions as against 34 last year
  • Total Maximum marks allotted for the section were 78 as against 102 last year
  • Number of MCQs were 18
  • Number of TITA questions (Non-MCQs) were 8
  • More Questions based on Arithmetic
  • Type of Arithmetic Based Questions: Percentage, Ratio, Interest, Number System, Time, Speed
  • Other QA Question topics: Algebra, Geometry, Modern Math, Trigonometry
  • Difficulty Level: Higher than slot-1
  • Cut off Expected for 99 Percentile: 38-45 marks  

Overall & Sectional Cut off for Slot-2

Overall Good Attempts
VA & RC Good Attempts
DI & LR Good Attempts
QA Good Attempts
Raw Score
Expected Percentile
80 has also separately published the CAT Analysis 2020 from top CAT coaching institutes like IMS, CL, Hitbullseye for slot-1, slot-2 and slot-3 exam sessions with their take on exam difficulty level, sectional and overall changes and expected cut offs.  Read below the CAT 2020 Analysis by experts from top CAT coaching Institutes

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