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September 25, 2021
CAT 2021 Error correction window has opened at 10AM on September 25 for three days. During this period, the CAT Exam Centre at IIM Ahmedabad permits you to edit only specified CAT application errors. This year you are allowed to edit three errors in your CAT registration and application form. The last date to edit application form errors closes on Sept 27 at 5 PM. Read all about the error edit option and step by step process
CAT 2021 Correction Window

With the close of CAT 2021 registration process on September 22, at 5 PM, now the CAT Centre 2021 has opened the CAT error correction window. The CAT registration error correction window is open from September 25 at 10 AM for a period of three days with the option to edit the specified CAT application pages. This year, the CAT exam centre at IIM Ahmedabad has permitted to edit three CAT registration errors.

Sharing much before the start of CAT 2021 error correction window, Prof M P Ram Mohan, Convener of CAT 2021 and faculty at IIM Ahmedabad had informed “After the closure of the registration window a very short edit window will be made available to the registered applicants. This option will be valid only for those candidates who have paid the applicable registration fee and have registered successfully for CAT 2021 within the specified deadline.”

CAT 2021 Error Correction Window: Important Dates
As shared by IIM Ahmedabad, below are the key dates for CAT 2021 Application Form Error Correction Window and the types of errors that you can edit:

CAT 2021 Application Error Edit Activity
Important Dates & Key Information
CAT 2021 Registration Closed on
September 22, 2021 at 5 PM
CAT 2021 Error Correction Window Opens
Saturday, September 25, 2021 at 10 AM
CAT 2021 Error Correction Window Closes
Monday, September 27, 2021 at 5 PM
Editable CAT Application Errors
  1. Photograph
  2. Signature
  3. Test City Preference 

CAT Application Errors that you can Edit
Candidates can edit the below mentioned fields in the CAT application form, if they feel so from September 25 to 27, 2021.

  1. Photograph: Re-upload available
  2. Signature: Re-upload available
  3. Test City Preferences: Can change the test city preference for 6 test cities

Check step by step Error Correction process below

How many times you can Edit CAT Application Errors?
You can edit your CAT application errors only once. If you try to edit your CAT application multiple times, the website will not allow you to login to CAT error correction window again. So be careful, give a thought what do you wish to edit especially if you are planning to change your 6 preferred test cities.  Read details below

Who can edit CAT application form?
Only the candidates who have successfully submitted the CAT application 2021 and have made payment of requiste fee can edit CAT application. Check details below

What is CAT Error correction Fee?
There is no error correction fee to edit the CAT application form. The facility is provided free of cost by CAT Center 2021 and is available only for once.

Why to Exercise CAT Application Edit Options?
Sometimes you make mistakes in uploading your photogrpah, signature and in the ongoing pandemic situation, earlier you might have not realized the Covid-19 situation in those cities. So, don’t miss the opportunity and rectify the inadvertently made following errors in CAT application

1. Photograph: Re-Upload Allowed 
If you had uploaded a blurred image on CAT 2021 application form, while filling up your CAT Registration and Application form, or wish to upload an updated photograph on CAT form now, due to the reason that it was not available earlier with you, IIM Ahmedabad has come to your help. Now you can re-upload and replace your photograph image of required size on CAT 2021 application form till the last date of CAT Edit Option window by login on CAT 2021 website

2. Signature Image: Re-upload Allowed
If you think that your signature image was not correctly uploaded, it is time to re-upload it with correct signature image. Or in case, you uploaded a blurred signature image on CAT 2021 application form, you can use the facility to upload and replace it with clear image.

3. Choice of Test Cities: Anticipate the Pandemic situation
You can change your test city preferences considering and anticipating the Covid pandemic situation in your earlier chosen test city. Although CAT 202q convener has promised to conduct CAT exam in a safe environment due to which CAT 2021 is being conducted in three time slots of shorter duration instead of earlier two slots of longer duration, the CAT Center has no control over the pandemic situation in the entire city. So, it is better to analyse the situation in the city through various reports and change your test city preferences accordingly.

CAT Application Edit Option: Facility has Riders
The facility comes with following riders:

  • You can re-upload the photograph, signature and change the choice of preferred test cities only if you have received the message that your CAT application form has been successfully submitted
  • Only those candidates who have paid applicable Registration Fee and have registered successfully for CAT 2021 on or before September 22, 5 PM can edit CAT application form 
  • You can Edit CAT registration errors only once. If you try to login again to re-upload your photograph, it is not allowed.
  • Please note that no other error in the CAT 2021 application form can be edited.

CAT 2021 Application Correction: Type of Photograph you should Re-Upload
Following type of errors in photograph upload can be edited during the CAT 2021 error edit option window:

  • Upload Photograph of specified size with the dimensions 35mm X 45mm with maximum file size of 80KB
  • Upload Fresh photograph, if the already uploaded photograph is blurred
  • Upload High Resolution Photograph of  minimum 150px
  • Upload most recent photograph not more than 6 months old
  • If the already uploaded photograph has side face, replace & upload with front face photograph
  • Upload Head & Shoulder colour photograph with white/off-white back ground
  • Upload only JPEG/JPG file format photograph
  • You need to paste same photograph on CAT admit card as you have uploaded on the CAT application form

CAT 2021 Application Correction: Errors that need Edit in Signature Upload
Following types of errors in Signature upload can be edited during the CAT error edit option window 2021:

  • Upload scanned image of your signature of specified size with the dimensions 1000mm X 35mm with maximum file size of 80KB
  • Upload Fresh signature image, if the already uploaded scanned signature is not correct
  • Upload clear signature image taken on white paper in black/blue ink
  • Upload signature of minimum150px
  • Upload only JPEG/JPG file format signature image

CAT 2021 Application Edit: Step by Step Process
You can re-upload your improper or blur photograph, change the choice of six test cities in order of preference on CAT 2021 application form in following steps:

Step 1: Go to CAT 2021 website home page, click on Registered Candidate Login

cat main page

Step-2: Login with your CAT 2021 ID and Password on CAT website

CAT 2020 Application Edit

Step 3: CAT 2021 Application Edit option asking for Document upload and test city preference is displayed. Click on Document upload and Click on ‘Browse’, select your best scanned photo & Signature image of required size and drag/click on it. It will re-upload and replace your earlier photograph and signature with the new one

CAT 2020 Application Edit

Step-4: Test City Preference
Click on the next edit option for change test city preference. Your test city preference page will open. You must have prepared a revised list of preferred CAT exam cities. Insert the preferred test cities from drop down menu and click on save & next. The edit process is over now.

CAT City

Important Do’s
While re-uploading your photograph, please ensure the following:

  • Re-upload only your recent photograph
  • The Photograph should be of the size as required by IIMs
  • You must have a hard copy of your same photograph of passport size as it will be required to be pasted on the CAT 2021 Admit card
  • Please check the right sample photos below as per the requirement of IIMs to apply for CAT 2021 and ensure that no error is repeated while re-uploading your photograph
  • The facility is available only once during the three days period, so carefully choose your photograph for re-upload
  • Download and view your CAT 2021 application form after re-uploading your photograph, signature and changed test cities. Check whether it has been duly reflected in your CAT application form

What You cannot Edit? Errors With No Edit option
CAT Application Form 2021 Correction window does not allow you to edit the personal details filled in the personal details page of CAT Registration & Application form. Accordingly, you cannot edit certain personal details like Name, Date of Birth, email id, mobile number in the CAT 2021 application form. If you have made a mistake in these details, the best way is to contact CAT 2021 help desk and get the solution from them.

Can’t correct CAT mistakes multiple times
CAT 2021 test takers can login and re-upload photograph and signature images in their application form only once. However, once you submit your application form after error correction during the 3 days error correction window, you cannot login again to edit the application form errors. This fact reveals that the CAT 2021 application form error correction process is on the lines of last year CAT exam which also allowed you to submit with all your CAT application rectifications only once.

The candidates who login to edit the CAT application errors and click on ‘submit’ without completing the modification cannot login again for application error corrections irrespective of the fact whether you have re-uploaded or not re-uploaded your photograph, signature and changed the test cities.

You should correct the errors only after gathering all the required options and right documents as the facility once used will be closed for you.

Type of Errors in Photographs Upload in CAT Application Form
You need to follow the instructions already issued by IIMs in regard to upload the right type of photograph in your CAT application form. Given below are the sample photographs with wrong type marked ‘X’ and right type indicated by the tick mark. You should upload only right type of photograph while re-uploading your photograph on CAT 2021 application page during the CAT 2021 Correction Window.

cat images

CAT 2021 Application Form Edit Option: Type of Errors You can’t Edit
Following type of CAT application form 2021 correction is no more allowed during the limited period availability of CAT Error Correction Window. Only in the year 2017 all these errors in CAT application form could be edited:

CAT 2021 Application Correction: Academic Details
The errors in Academics cannot be edited this year, although you can submit a query form on CAT help desk to rectify the errors.

CAT 2021 Application Correction: Work experience
The work experience had to be entered in months, please check that you have entered correct length of work experience in months. Besides, you should check that correct details for the area of work experience has been entered. If no, fill up and submit the grievance redressal form and submit on CAT website.

CAT Application Form Correction: IIM Programmes & Interview cities
There are 20 IIMs who altogether offer more than 40 management programmes. You must check and in case you had filled up the details in a hurry, select the right programme and right interview city for the said programme and include it in your query form and submit without fail so that CAT 2021 exam centre can help you.

If you have made mistakes in personal details, please note that you will not receive a refund or the Admit Card for your registration. The best way is to contact CAT 2021 help desk and get the solution from them. The CAT 2021 exam is on November 28, 2021 and the CAT admit card will be available for download from October 27, 2021 onwards.

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