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October 12, 2019
Free Online Mock tests for CAT at, prepared by experts offer you the best CAT preparation strategy. These 10 online full length CAT Mock tests of different difficulty level with Sectional Mocks are given here. Start with low difficulty level online CAT Mock. Apart, from the Best Mock Tests for CAT prepared by, you will also find here the details about the CAT Mock Test online by T.I.M.E., CL, IMS
Free Online Mock Test for CAT

Common Admission Test (CAT) 2019 on November 24, 2019 is not far away. Within this short period, mock tests for CAT are the best preparation tool to crack the exam with high score. Besides, even without paying anything, you can take free online mock tests for CAT.

These free online mock tests for CAT at and the on other CAT preparation sites are prepared by experts keeping in mind the past CAT exam pattern and anticipated changes in CAT 2019. So apart, from the Best Mock Tests for CAT prepared by, you will also find here the details about the CAT Mock Test online by T.I.M.E., CL, IMS among others.

Taking CAT First Time? Start with Free CAT Mock
If you are appearing in CAT exam for the first time, your best approach to assess your preparation level is to take CAT mock test online without pressure. However, according to the past CAT toppers with 100 percentile, online CAT Mock test is useful only if you analyse your mistakes made in the CAT mock and improve upon them.

Whether you are going to appear in CAT exam for the first time or for the second time, it does not matter. What matters is whether you are taking the best CAT mock as per the CAT question pattern. Read More

Why to Take Free Online Mock Test for CAT?
The free online mock test for CAT refers to the online CAT mock test which is available on various CAT preparation sites free of cost as against the CAT Mock test series which is offered only after making payment. Besides, you need not enroll or go to any coaching centre to take free online mock test for CAT and can attempt it any number of times you like from any place at any time provided you have internet connectivity with your computer system.

How Many Mocks You should Take?
Nearer the CAT exam, greater should be the frequency of taking mock test for CAT. Past CAT toppers who scored 99 and 100 percentile in CAT exam have advised to take as many mock test for CAT as possible and suggest that a minimum of two Online ‎CAT Mock Test should be taken every week two months before the CAT exam and this frequency should be increased to 3 CAT online Mock Tests per week. Take Free CAT Mock Test Now

10 Mock Tests for CAT with Different LoD Available Here
If you are preparing for CAT exam and are serious enough but do not know much about it, the key advice from CAT toppers and experts is that you should start with low difficulty level Mock test for CAT.

Here, you will find 10 selected free online mock tests for CAT divided into different difficulty levels. Start Taking Best Mock Test for CAT

CAT Mock Tests With Answers & Solutions
All these CAT Mock tests are followed by answers and Solutions. It will help you assess your CAT exam preparation level. Apart from the 10 full length CAT Mock Tests with solutions Prepared by Experts, you can also take free online CAT Mock Tests Section wise for VARC, DILR and QA to improve.

How to Take CAT Mock Test?
Before you start taking CAT Mock test, please note the process how to take the free online CAT mock test:

  • Step-1: Click on the Respective CAT Mock Test which you want to take
  • Step-2: If you are a new user click on ‘Create Login’, if already a user enter your password
  • Step-3: Click on ‘I want to Create an Account’ and fill up personal details
  • Step-4: Verify OTP received on your Mobile Number, now you are back on CAT Exam page
  • Step-5: Click on CAT Mock Test and Start Taking Mocks

View & Take Best CAT Mock Tests Online

First Take Low Difficulty Free CAT Mock Test
Here are the best mock tests for CAT with low difficulty level. Start with these moderate difficulty level CAT mock tests. These four CAT Mock free practice tests of moderate difficulty level are followed by answers. So, after taking each CAT Mock test you can analyse each of the online CAT Mock test and improve further. Take Moderate Difficulty Free Online CAT Mock tests

Take Online CAT Mock Test with High Difficulty Level
After taking and analyzing moderate difficulty level CAT Mock Tests, now it the time to take bit higher difficulty level CAT Mocks to make sure that you are well prepared now. You have three hours to solve each CAT Mock test. Please check answers only after you have taken the complete CAT Mock test Take Higher Difficulty Free online CAT Mock Tests

Free CAT Mock Test by IIM: Available with Solutions
Although one full length CAT Mock test by IIM is also released a month before the CAT exam to apprise the prospective CAT exam takers about the probable CAT exam pattern, there are no answers in the free CAT Mock Test by IIMs. However, has taken care to provide right answers with solution for these CAT Mock Tests by IIMs. You must take these CAT Mock tests by IIMs, analyse your mistakes after checking the answers and solutions. Take Free CAT Mock tests by IIM with Solutions

Weak in VARC, DILR or QA? Take Free CAT Mock Sectional Tests
Prepared by experts, offers here free online CAT Sectional Mock Tests to improve on your weak areas. Most past CAT toppers have shared that they were weak in VARC while a few were weak in DILR. To improve in their respective weak area, they took more and more sectional Mock tests for CAT. Similarly, if you feel that you are weak in certain section, it will be better to take as many sectional mock tests for CAT. Here also, you will find sectional best CAT mock quizzes to improve in VARC, DILR and Quant. Take Free CAT online Mock Test Section Wise

Free Online CAT Mock Test: Sectional Quiz
Below are shared a few questions followed by answers on CAT-VARC section and CAT-QA section. Assess your-self after taking the quiz and checking the answers:

CAT Online Mock test Quiz: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)
You have 3 minutes to take each of the following VARC quiz questions. If you spend more time on them, you need to improve reading speed, vocabulary and accuracy.

Question 1:

Direction: The passage given below is followed by four summaries. Choose the  option that best captures the author‘s position.

Artificial embryo twinning is a relatively low-tech way to make clones. As the name suggests, this technique mimics the natural process that createsidentical twins. In nature, twins form very early in development when the embryo splits in two. Twinning happens in the first days after egg and sperm join, while the embryo is made of just a small number of unspecialized calls. Each half of the embryo continues dividing on its own, ultiately developing into separate, complete individuals. Since they developed from the same fertilized egg, the resultingindividuals are genetically identical. 

  1. Artificial embryo twinning is low-tech unlike the natural development of identical twins from the embryo after fertilization.
  2. Artificial embryo twinning is low-tech and is close to the natural development of twins where the embryo splits into two identical twins.
  3. Artificial embryo twinning is low-tech and mimetic of the natural development of genetically identical twins from the embryo after fertilization.
  4. Artificial embryo twinning is just like the natural development of twins, where during fertilization twins are formed.

Question 2:

Direction: The passage given below is followed by four summaries. Choose the option that best captures the author‘s position.

Production and legitimation of scientific knowledge can be approached from a number of perspectives. To study knowledge production from the sociology of professions perspective would mean a focus on the institutionalization of a body of knowledge. The professions-approach informed earlier research on managerial occupation, business schools and management knowledge. It however tends to reify institutional power structures in its understanding of the links between knowledge and authority. Knowledge production is restricted in the perspective to the selected members of the professional community, most notably to the university faculties and professional colleges. Power is understood as a negative mechanism, which prevents the nonprofessional actors from offering their ideas and information as legitimate knowledge.

  1. Professions-approach aims at the institutionalization of knowledge but restricts knowledge production as a function of a select few.
  2. Professions-approach focuses on the creation of institutions of higher education and disciplines to promote knowledge production
  3. The study of knowledge production can be done through many perspectives.
  4. The professions-approach has been one of the most relied upon perspective in the study of management knowledge production.

Question 3

Five sentences related to a topic are given below. Four of them can be put together to form a meaningful and coherent short paragraph. Identify the odd one out.

  1. Much has been recently discovered about the development of songs in birds.
  2. Some species are restricted to a single song learned by all individuals, others have a range of songs.
  3. The most important auditory stimuli for the birds are the sounds of other birds.
  4. For all bird species there is a prescribed path to development of the final song,
  5. A bird begins with the subsong, passes through plastic song, until it achieves the species song.

Question 4   

Five sentences related to a topic are given below. Four of them can be put together to form a meaningful and coherent short paragraph. Identify the odd one out. Choose its number as your answer and key the number in:

  1. Our smartphones can now track our diets, our biological cycles, even our digestive systems and sleep-patterns.
  2. Researchers have even coin ed a new term, ―orthosomnia‖, to describe the insomnia brought on by paying too much attention to smartphones and sleep-tracking apps.
  3. Sleep, nature‘s soft nurse, is a blissful, untroubled state all too easily disturbed b y earthly worries or a guilty conscience.
  4. The existence of a market for such ap ps is unsurprising: shift work, a long-hours culture and blue light from screens have conspired to rob many of us of sufficient rest.
  5. A new threat to a good night‘s rest has emerged – smart-phones, with sleep-tracking apps.

Answers: Free CAT Mock Test on VARC: Quiz-1

Q No.
Q 1
Q 2
Q 4
Correct Ans

CAT Online Mock Test Quiz on Quantitative Ability (QA)
You have two minutes to answer each of the following QA questions. In your own interest, check your answers only after taking the CAT-Quant quiz 

Question 1:

Train T leaves station X for station Y at 3 pm. Train S, traveling at three quarters of the speed of T, leaves Y for X at 4 pm. The two trains pass each other at a station Z, where the distance between X and Z is three-fifths of that between X and Y. How many hours does train T take for its journey from X to Y?

A)    10                          B) 17               C) 15                           D) 20

Question 2:
Point P lies between points A and B such that the length of BP is thrice that of AP. Car 1 starts from A and moves towards B. Simultaneously, car 2 starts from B and moves towards A. Car 2 reaches P one hour after car 1 reaches P. If the speed of car 2 is half that of car 1, then the time, in minutes, taken by car 1 in reaching P from A is

A)    12                          B) 11               C) 9                             D) 13

Question 3:
On a long stretch of east-west road, A and B are two points such that B is 350 km west of A. One car starts from A and another from B at the same time. If they move towards each other, then they meet after 1 hour. If they both move towards east, then they meet in 7 hrs. The difference between their speeds, in km per hour, is

A)    45              B) 50                           C) 55               D) 60

Question 4:
Points A and B are 150 km apart. Cars 1 and 2 travel from A to B, but car 2 starts from A when car 1 is already 20 km away from A. Each car travels at a speed of 100 kmph for the first 50 km, at50 kmph for the next 50 km, and at 25 kmph for the last 50 km. The distance, in km, between car 2 and B when car 1 reaches B is

A)    5                B) 10                           C) 15               D) 20

Answers: Free CAT Mock Test on QUANT: Quiz-2

Q No.
Q 1
Q 2
Q 3
Q 4
Correct Ans

5 Tips: How to Analyse Your Free Online ‎CAT Mock Test
After taking the free online CAT Mock test and checking the answers and solutions, you need to analyze what mistakes you have made while attempting the questions and which are the areas that you need to improve.

Since these CAT Mock tests are prepared on the expected CAT pattern, the analysis of each CAT Mock will help you to know your strengths and weaknesses and the measures you need to take to improve upon them. While each of you will have different strong and weak areas, following steps should be taken while taking each subsequent online CAT Mock Test:

  1. Take your online CAT Mock test in a single sitting. It will improve your test taking strategy and help you in improving your concentration
  2. Time Management synchronising with accuracy and speed so as to keep a balance in attempting the questions in each section  must be adhered to
  3. Choose your questions in the section, don’t waste time trying to attempt very difficult questions as each question has equal weightage
  4. Read the directions first before attempting any question
  5. In the first round attempt the questions that appear most easy followed by higher difficulty questions in second and third rounds. It will help you to maximize your attempts with accuracy.

CAT Mock Test Series by T.I.M.E., CL, IMS
The top CAT coaching institutes TIME, Career Launcher, IMS offer free online CAT Mock tests along with the CAT Mock Test series which initially has 1-2 CAT Mock Test in a week and later when CAT exam comes closer goes up to 2-3 CAT Mock tests a week. The Free online CAT Mock tests offered by TIME, CL, IMS are numerous and they recommend to take these free CAT Mock tests of different difficulty level.

CAT Mock Test by T.I.M.E.
T.I.M.E., one of the leading CAT coaching institutes conducted free CAT Mock test in July. There are still more free CAT Mock tests offered by TIME before the exam. You need to visit the T.I.M.E. website to take free online CAT mock tests

CAT Mock Test by CL
Career Launcher (CL) offers free CAT Mock test online. These CAT Mock tests are released on its website time to time. Key features of free online CAT Mock test by Career launcher are:

  • 5 Free CAT Mock tests are offered
  • All the CAT Mock Tests are full Length
  • Topic wise free CAT Mock tests online are also available on CL website
  • CAT Mock tests are divided into Basic, Advanced and Expert CAT Mock Tests  
  • You can take the free CAT Mock tests online any number of times

CAT Mock Test by IMS
IMS offers free CAT mock tests online to help the CAT aspirants to assess their preparation level. Apart from its free CAT Mock tests, IMS offers following CAT Mock test series:

  • e-Maximizer Plus 2019
  • e-Test Series Plus 2019
  • e-Test Series Focused-2019
  • SimCAT Plus 2019
  • SimCAT 2019

The time duration for each of these CAT series is different.

CAT Mock Tests: 5 Key Benefits of Taking CAT Mocks

  • CAT Exam Mock Test lets you know about the latest CAT exam pattern and the expected trend in CAT 2019 Question Paper
  • CAT Mock Test papers help you to know how to approach the CAT questions without losing marks due to negative marking
  • The CAT Mock Tests are with solutions. You can assess your performance as well as can analyse your mistakes and can improve on them 
  • CAT Mock Tests are free of cost
  •  You can take CAT Mock tests as many times as you can

Scoring pattern in CAT

  • Each correct answer in MCQ or Non-MCQ will be awarded +3 marks
  • Each wrong answer in MCQ will attract negative marking of -1 mark
  • No penalty of negative marking is applied for Non-MCQs 

Key changes in CAT Mock
The CAT Mock test is the full length 3 hours duration test and contains the type and number of MCQs and Non-MCQs that you may expect on the day of CAT 2019 exam. The sample CAT  reflects number of changes in the structure and content of CAT 2019. Candidates should now proceed to take the free CAT Mock test to understand the changes in the test pattern that they are going to face on November 24, 2019.

The CAT 2019 Mock test will continue to be available for the CAT aspirants till the CAT exam is over. CAT aspirants can now very well familiarize themselves by practicing the sample questions as many times as they like. Take More Free CAT Online Mock Tests

Stay tuned to for more updates on Common Admission Test (CAT)