IMT Ghaziabad: Nurturing Leaders with Dynamic Industry Engagements

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Updated on January 23, 2024
Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad is India’s premier AACSB accredited management school. IMTG recently made a debut in the top global rankings - FT Masters in Management Ranking 2023 and QS World Business Master’s Ranking 2024. Recognizing the significance of deep industry collaboration, IMT Ghaziabad has pioneered a broad-based Industry-Academia partnership model. In this article, we delve into this distinctive IMT Ghaziabad model.
IMT Ghaziabad Industry Engagements

Established in 1980, Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad (IMTG) is India’s premier AACSB accredited management school with a distinct focus on grooming leadership through Innovation, Execution and Social Responsibility. 2023-24 has been a landmark year for IMT Ghaziabad. IMTG made a debut in the Top 100 FT Masters in Management Ranking 2023, ranked at # 92 in the World. IMT Ghaziabad also made its debut in the QS World Business Master’s Ranking 2024 with a global rank of 151+ Band in Master’s in Management, 101+ Band in Master’s in Marketing, and 151+ Band in Master’s in Finance.

Recognizing the significance of deep industry collaboration, IMT Ghaziabad has pioneered a broad-based Industry-Academia partnership model. This approach goes beyond the conventional role, integrating industry insights into various aspects, from admissions to curriculum and pedagogy. In this article, we delve into the distinctive IMT Ghaziabad Approach, shedding light on its comprehensive and collaborative vision for Industry-Academia partnerships.

Meeting Industry Requirements, the Raison d'etre of Management Education
IMT Ghaziabad leadership is clear that its MBA program must first meet the industry needs. “The raison d'etre for a business degree is to provide the student with the analytical tools and soft skills that are directly applicable to solving real world business problems. IMT prides itself on its deep and extensive industry engagement,” says BFS Chairperson of IMT Ghaziabad

IMT views the worlds of industry and academia as complimentary. “Business schools are better suited to teach each subject area in depth while industry is better at delivering breadth due to the interdisciplinary nature of problem solving in the real world. This complementarity of approach ensures the best of both worlds – delivering a sound conceptual framework along with an appreciation of execution issues,” said Dr Vishal Talwar, Director IMT Ghaziabad.

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The First Step: Industry Engagement in Student Selection
Industry engagement at IMT Ghaziabad is integral to the entire MBA value chain, commencing with the student selection process. This meticulously designed approach incorporates valuable insights from key stakeholders, notably the industry, shaping the admission criteria. The placement office and alumni contribute significantly, playing a pivotal role in identifying the qualities sought by the industry in prospective managers. These insights guide the establishment of parameters and their respective weightages, ensuring that the admission process aligns with industry needs.

To further align with the dynamic requirements of the industry, the admission interview process at IMT Ghaziabad is customized. It features faculty members with backgrounds in the industry or ongoing engagement through MDPs, consulting assignments, and research projects. The inclusion of alumni and industry experts in the interview panel adds an extra layer of practical expertise, enriching the selection process and fostering a strong connection between academia and industry realities.

Next comes Industry Engagement in Curriculum & Pedagogy
To ensure high-level engagement, the teaching-learning process at IMT include several structured engagements including its Emerging Technologies for Business Lab (ETB), Finance Lab, Industry-Academia Round Table, Leadership Talk series amongst others. Let’s review these key initiatives:

  • The ETB Lab aims to equip IMT (G) students with knowledge and experience in technologies that are likely to impact businesses, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, business analytics, and digital marketing. These areas are studied with help from experts who are often senior industry professionals.
  • The Finance Lab is equipped with 12 Bloomberg terminals, making it unique in India. Through the use of Bloomberg simulations, students acquire knowledge on how a real trading floor operates in a commercial scenario. Furthermore, the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) certification obtained by the students provides them with a globally recognized credentials.
  • IMT Ghaziabad hosts the annual Industry-Academia Round Table. Last year this was held on "Sustainable Supply Chain Strategies". Industry leaders and IMT faculty discussed integrating sustainability into supply chains amidst a market shift towards a "shop-from-anywhere economy", focusing on customer and environmental needs.
  • IMT Ghaziabad regularly invites Industry Leaders for in-depth leadership talks. Recent speakers include Mr. Sreekanth K Arimanithaya, Global Talent and Enablement Services Leader at EY Global Delivery Services; Mr Ramendra Verma, National Sector Leader and Partner at Grant Thornton Bharat; Mr CP Gurnani, the MD and CEO of Tech Mahindra among others.

IMTG & KPMG Collaboration: Bringing Industry to the Class
A compelling example of a rich industry-academic collaboration at IMT is evident in the professional certificate course offered in collaboration with KPMG. IMT Ghaziabad has strategically partnered with KPMG, a prominent name in the consulting industry, to deliver two certificate programs for its students. These programs not only encompass key KPMG certifications on Consulting Skills, ESG, and Sustainability but also seamlessly integrate them into the program's architecture.

What sets this collaboration apart is the active involvement of Senior KPMG leaders, including Directors and Partners, in delivering the program. This direct engagement allows students to gain invaluable insights into the mindset and approach of industry leaders when handling projects of significant importance.

Finally, deep Industry Engagement aids Career Development
IMT Ghaziabad is dedicated to providing its students with a comprehensive educational experience that equips them for successful careers in the corporate world. A pivotal aspect of this preparation lies in the institute's proactive engagement with the industry to ready students for summer and final placements. Various initiatives, including Pre-Placement Talks, Leadership Talks, Guest Lectures, Live Projects, and Case Competitions, are strategically integrated into a structured Campus engagement plan, fostering interactions with emerging business leaders.

Through these initiatives, IMT Ghaziabad has successfully forged numerous new alliances, resulting in the generation of Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs), Pre-Placement Interviews (PPIs), and offers for Live Projects and Full-Time Employment with esteemed organizations. New noteworthy collaborations include those with Air India, Wipro Technologies, FlipKart, Nestle, Amazon, General Mills, GSK, Crisil, Britannia, Mondelez, among others, showcasing the institute's commitment to facilitating meaningful connections between students and diverse industry sectors.

Alumni, a Big Enabler through Mentorship and Insights
IMT Ghaziabad it is the proud alma mater of more than 1000 C–suite executives and thousands of professionals serving in leadership positions in the best-known organisations in India and around the world. With the help of alum network, IMT aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry for the ongoing batches via initiatives like Short-Term/Live Projects and the Mentorship Program, through which students gain hands-on industry experience and avail career guidance.

To effectively leverage this rich resource, one of the primary ways that IMT Ghaziabad involves its alums is through mentorship programs that pair experienced alums with current students, providing them with guidance and support as they navigate their academic and professional journeys. Various Expert Series Talks and guest lectures are also held where prominent leaders provide knowledge and insights specific to their domain and share their experiences with the students.

In conclusion, IMT Ghaziabad's unwavering commitment to delivering a holistic educational experience stands evident through its proactive engagement initiatives with the industry. More B-schools should adopt a more holistic Industry-Academia partnerships philosophy, that can help in fully harnessing their potential and developing broader synergies.

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