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Updated on November 14, 2023
Embark on your challenging MBA journey with confidence! MBAUniverse.com presents exclusive interviews with CAT, XAT, and GMAT toppers, providing essential insights on exam preparation, interview strategies, and unwavering motivation. Learn from their success and secure your spot at prestigious B-schools like IIMs and IMT Ghaziabad.
IMT Ghaziabad Student Profile

The journey of an MBA aspirant is undoubtedly demanding. Balancing your studies or work commitments while simultaneously preparing for CAT and other competitive exams, selecting the right colleges from a multitude of options, and subsequently gearing up for gruelling Personal Interview Rounds can be a daunting task. But fret not, because we're here to assist you. MBAUniverse.com proudly presents motivational interviews with exceptional CAT, XAT, and GMAT toppers who have conquered these rigorous exams and secured coveted admissions to prestigious B-schools such as IIMs, MDI, and IMT Ghaziabad.

Delve into these in-depth interviews to gain invaluable insights into exam preparation strategies, interview success tactics, and methods to stay motivated throughout your journey towards your dream B-school. We are confident that you will find these resources immensely beneficial. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity – read on and enhance your MBA aspirations today.

Ankur Agarwal | CAT 2022: 97.69% | Cricket & Badminton Player

Ankur Agarwal

Me and My Motivation for Pursuing an MBA
I am Ankur Agarwal. I am happy to have improved my percentile from 86% in the CAT2021 exam to 97.69% in the CAT 2021.  Being a fresher, I wanted to complete my education before I got into the corporate life. The learning opportunities, the salary after an MBA, and coming from a family that has many MBAs, were my key motivations.

MBA Entrance Exam & Coaching
I prepared for CAT, NMAT, IIFT and SNAP. I enrolled in coaching to get a proper framework and a proper schedule to prepare in a synchronized manner.

CAT Preparation Strategy
I gave CAT last year also and I scored only 86%. But this time I had a better strategy and got 97.69 %. My strength was DILR as in mocks I always got close to 99% in it. I was also good at QA. I was relatively weak at VARC as I was not able to comprehend passages. Practicing different RC types based on genre and the verbal part based on para jumbles and odd one out, the ways to identify and tricks in them, did help me. I also focused on time management while ensuring my accuracy. Mocks played a very important role in my CAT prep strategy. I gave more than 50 mocks! But I believe analysis is even more important than taking the test.

CAT Exam Day Plan
I was quite relaxed the day before and on the day of the exam. I just revised formulae and the approach to how I would proceed and what strategy was working for me based on my mocks.

Staying motivated
Motivation for me was achieving my daily targets and then enjoying the rest of the day. I focused on quality of the work rather than forcefully sitting for a pre-decided number of hours as I did not find it productive, rather it was distracting from the real objective. I never used social media. For me the only addiction was sports. Watching cricket took a considerable amount of time but it was very hard to give up!

IMT Admission Process

  • The key components in the final selection round at IMT were profile, gender and exam percentile.
  • I prepared for the final selection round by reading newspapers, articles, current affairs, GD practice, mock interviews.
  • Key questions asked in the Personal Interview were: Why MBA, current affairs, about my hobbies.

Why IMT Ghaziabad?
My key criteria while selecting a B-school for application and admission were: location, package, specialization, cutoff, and chances for selection. I received final round interview calls from MDI Gurgaon, New & Baby IIMs and IMI Delhi. I also received a final admission call from IMI New Delhi but I decided to opt for IMT Ghaziabad. Why did I choose IMT? location, ROI, specialization, alumni, companies visiting campus for placements were the key reasons.

Life at a B-school!
Life in a B-school is Hectic, Fun and enjoyable. It is full of learning!

Akshai Krishna | XAT 2023: 97.5% | BE in Naval Architecture | Worked as Project Manager

Akshai Krishna

Me and my Motivation for Pursuing MBA
I am Akshai Krishna from Kottayam, Kerala. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in Naval Architecture from SNGE. After graduating, I worked for 19 months as a naval architect and project manager. I am a football enthusiast who also loves drawing. I have won First prize in various drawing competitions at district and state level during school time. During my tenure as a project manager for a ship design firm, I identified an affinity to the management side of the job rather than the pure technical side. I decided that an MBA would help me progress in my preferred career path.

MBA Entrance Exam & Coaching
I did not appear in CAT 2022 but appeared in XAT, SNAP, NMAT, MAHCET, CMAT exams. I attended a coaching centre for 3 months. I took a lot of mocks and made sure to have a solid understanding of the basics.

XAT Preparation Strategy
As Decision Making is an important section in XAT and is different from other MBA entrance exams, I took a lot of mocks, tried to understand the trend and pattern in this particular section from the previous years. However, I did not prepare specifically for descriptive Essay Writing in XAT since I was confident about it. I followed same preparation strategy for every other exam - lot of mocks.

My performance in XAT 2023 exam was:

  • Overall XAT 2023 Percentile: 97.5
  • VARC, Reasoning Percentile: 83.20
  • Decision Making Percentile: 99.29
  • Quantitative Aptitude & DI Percentile: 90.73

My message to the MBA aspirants preparing for CAT, XAT and other exams is to keep moving forward and not to avoid taking mocks.

Staying Motivated
I remained motivated through my preparation journey. The key motivational strategies that helped me prepare well were being surrounded by a lot of like-minded aspirants. Besides, I spent enough time doing things that alleviated my stress such as going on trips, playing football, social media etc. I did not restrict any habits I had beforehand.

IMT Admission Process
Key components to final selection round were knowing how to face GD and interviews. To prepare for GD and interviews I took help from the friends at the coaching institute. They grouped together for mock GD and Interviews. My interview was conducted online and it was a relaxed interview. I had a nice interaction with the panellist. Mostly, the questions asked in the Personal Interview were about my job and educational background - since I have a unique background of naval architecture and ship building engineering.

Why IMT Ghaziabad?
I was shortlisted by NMIMS Mumbai, Symbiosis SIBM Pune and XLRI apart from IMT Ghaziabad. Moreover, I also received final admission offer from NMIMS Mumbai. What drove me towards selecting IMT Ghaziabad were the brand value of the institution and the impressive placement figures!

The life in a B-school like IMT is very busy and engaged.

Kanupriya Mishra | GMAT: 770 | B Tech, Worked at Accenture | Swimmer

Kanupriya Mishra

Me and my Motivation for Pursuing MBA
I am Kanupriya. I earned my Bachelor of Technology degree in Information Technology from GITAM University in Visakhapatnam in 2020. After graduating, I worked at Accenture in Pune, India. I started as an Application Developer Associate and then moved up to an Application Development Analyst role. I'm a fluid artist and swimmer in my spare time. I was awarded a Certificate of Merit for completing the open-sea Swimathon in Porbandar, Gujarat, in 2019.

During my tenure as a software developer, I had a strong grasp of the technical field. However, as I progressed in my career, I recognized that obtaining a management degree would be a valuable asset for accelerating my advancement to higher managerial positions. This realization prompted my decision to pursue an MBA.

MBA Entrance Exam & Coaching
I originally planned to pursue a master's degree abroad, which is why I only took the GMAT exam. I continued working while preparing for the GMAT, so self-study was my primary focus. However, I enrolled in an online coaching program from Magoosh to receive guidance from experienced instructors. I was completely satisfied with their program and guidance.

I didn’t take CAT or any other exam.

GMAT Preparation
I would like to share my suggestions for GMAT. GMAT is a timed test, so it is important to practice under timed conditions. This will help you get used to the pace of the test and manage your time effectively. Also, learn to identify and exploit patterns. GMAT is a very predictable test. Many of the questions are variations on the same basic patterns. Once you learn to identify these patterns, you will be able to answer the questions more quickly and accurately.

Mistakes people make during their GMAT prep include focusing too much on one section. The GMAT is a comprehensive exam, so it is important to focus on all of the sections equally. Another mistake is neglecting the Official Guide for GMAT Review. It is the most authoritative source of information about the GMAT. Aspirants should make sure to study this book thoroughly.

My Motivation Strategies
One of my goals was to score at least 700 on the GMAT. I broke down this goal into smaller, more manageable tasks, such as increasing my score on the Verbal section by 50 points and increasing my score on the Quantitative section by 20 points. I tracked my progress on these tasks by taking practice questions and practice tests. When I achieved a milestone, such as increasing my score on the Verbal section by 25 points, I rewarded myself with a small break or a treat.

Of the social media platforms I used, only WhatsApp was essential for official purposes. Instagram was my biggest distraction, so I quit it four months before the exam.

IMT Admission Process
Based on my admission experience, I recommend that candidates should:

  • Articulate your career goals. The admissions committee wants to know why you are interested in an MBA and what you hope to achieve after graduation. Be able to articulate your career goals clearly and concisely.
  • Prepare to talk about your fit with the B-school. The admissions committee wants to know why you are interested in their specific B-school and how you would contribute to the community. Be prepared to talk about what you can offer the school and how the school can help you achieve your goals.
  • Research the B-schools interested in. I learned about their admissions criteria, mission, and values. I also read reviews from current students and alumni. This helped me to understand what each school was looking for in its applicants and to determine which schools were a good fit for me.
  • Prepare essays and resume. I carefully crafted my essays to tell my story and highlight my strengths and qualifications. I also made sure to tailor my resume to each school I applied to.

During the interview key questions asked were: Why do you want to pursue an MBA? What are your career goals? How will an MBA help you achieve your career goals? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Selection of Preferred B-school/College
Key criteria while selecting a B-school for me were Program reputation and ranking, Program specialization, Geographical Location, Cost and ROI, Financial aid and Culture and fit.

I was shortlisted for the interview round by SPJIMR, Mumbai; MDI, Gurgaon; ISB, IMI, New Delhi, TAPMI, and GIM. Apart from IMT, I received final admission offers from MDI, Gurgaon, TAPMI GIM and IMI, New Delhi.

Why IMT Ghaziabad?
I chose IMT Ghaziabad because of its strong reputation in the Banking and Finance sector, its affordable ROI and fee structure, its convenient location, and the diverse and rewarding roles that its recruiters offer.

My Message to MBA Aspirants
My message to MBA aspirants is to believe in yourself and your abilities. CAT and other MBA entrance exams are challenging, but they are definitely achievable with hard work and dedication.

Rohan Mishra | CAT 2022: 96.13% | NIT Raipur Engineer | Work-ex: 18 months | Bhilai Chhattisgarh

Rohan Mishra IMT Ghaziabad

Me and My Motivation for Pursuing MBA
I am Rohan, an engineer from NIT Raipur with work experience of about 18 months.

My motivation to pursue PGDM program at IMT Ghaziabad came from the Work Experience I had, the cross functionality I was allowed, and my experience with the marketing and sales team. The other key motivator was the fact that Sales is the key for every business and if I wanted to climb up the ladder, I needed to get my hands dirty and do the most basic but most important task of Sales.

MBA Entrance Exam & Coaching
I only took the CAT exam. I have enrolled in offline coaching by TIME to maintain regularity. The overall structure of the program was good but I think more of doubt clearing sessions would be helpful. I also took other exams such as SNAP and NMAT. They all speed in problem solving and reading.

CAT Preparation Strategy
My overall CAT strategy was to minimise my errors in VARC section. Parallelly, I wanted to score maximum in DILR & QUANTS sections. VARC was my weakest section and to overcome that I used to do daily reading and RC preparation. My section wise strategy was:

  • VARC - Daily reading and RC prep with continuous sectional mocks
  • DILR - Daily 5 sets of mock and analysis
  • Quants – This was my strongest section and I did almost 50 sums from each topic and used to do 2 topics daily.

Mocks gave me a realistic idea of my overall position and my percentile closely matched the expected range. I gave around 45-50 mocks!

CAT Exam Day Plan
I tried to keep myself as calm as possible, not listening to any review or any feedback. My last-minute preparation was revising formulae for quants. I always started from RC, then moved to VA while more emphasis was in RC. My strategy for DILR was to take a minimum of 1 set and maximum of 3 sets, and I was able to do 2.5 sets. My strategy for Quants was to do as many questions as possible and to maintain accuracy.

My CAT 2022 performance was as follows:

  • Overall: 96.13 %
  • VARC: 58.97 %
  • DILR: 98.78 %
  • Quantitative Ability: 96.94 %

My Motivation Strategies
My motivation strategy was listening to motivational songs and movies. Apart from that, talking to my parents acted as my source of inspiration. While preparing for CAT, I uninstalled Instagram and other apps.

Based on my experience, I recommend MBA aspirants not to take too much stress during the CAT and MBA Admissions phase. Don’t worry. Everything will fall right into place... Study hard, take rest and don't panic during the D-day.

IMT Admission Process
The personal interview plays a huge role in the final selection. I recommend that MBA aspirants should improve their communication to improve their chances of selection. I prepared for GD and PI with TIME institute and their guidance was really good. I studied current affairs, prepared all the hygiene-related questions in advance.

In the IMT Interview, I was asked the following questions: Introduction, Why MBA, Which Specialisation, Work Ex related Questions, Technical Questions. Interviewers also asked me to highlight some marketing strategies. Based on this experience, I will suggest students to prepare their background thoroughly, prepare General Knowledge and Current Affairs and speak honestly and confidently.

Which B-school? Why IMT Ghaziabad?
My key criteria while selecting a B-school for application and admission were: Placements, Faculty, Market Reputation, and Alumni connect - where are their alums right now. Apart from IMT, I was selected by IIM Rohtak, NMIMS and VGSOM. I decided to go for IMT because of great alumni connect, awesome faculty, and good placements.

Life at a B-school
Life at IMT is Great! It transforms you as a person. You become more efficient and hard working. You become more collaborative and more open to new experiences.

Anubha Dwivedi | XAT 2023: 95.5% | Law School Graduate | Gold Medalist Basketballer

Anubha Dwivedi

Me and my Motivation for Pursuing MBA
I am Anubha. My hometown is Agra. I am a Law Graduate and I love playing basketball. I was ranked 21st as a speaker in the FDI International Arbitration moot. I received a Gold Medal in Basketball at the Moon Olympics.

My motivation for pursuing an MBA was simple. I wanted to change my stream from Law to Management.

MBA Entrance Exam & Coaching
I did not take the CAT exam. I took the XAT and TISS-NET exams. I relied on Self-preparation, as I couldn't have managed coaching classes along with Law School. I was weak in Quants, and I struggled with it till the end…

XAT Preparation & Exam Day Plan
I focused on perfecting the sections I was good at and increasing accuracy. I prepared for the decision – making section by watching a few videos online and attempting mock sets. To crack this, I used the elimination strategy. Essay Writing is a unique part of XAT. However, I did not prepare for it. Since I come from a legal background, I'm used to writing essays and Research papers. For the TISS NET exam, I referred to the Arihant Current Affairs Book to prepare for the GK Section.

My performance in XAT 2023 was:

  • Overall: 95.5 %
  • VARC: 98.73 %
  • DILR:  99.3 %
  • Quantitative Ability: 51.49 %

My Motivation Strategies
I remained motivated through my preparation journey by setting weekly targets. I didn't ponder much about the end result or the D-day! This mindset helped me a lot. Limiting my social media usage also helped me stay focused on the exam.

IMT Admission Process
The key components in the final selection round were the Critical Thinking Test and Personal Interview (PI) round. I didn't really prepare for the Critical Thinking test, but I prepared for the PI. I prepared my CV and S.O.P. I also prepared for Current Affairs and GK questions related to my interests.

Key questions asked in the Personal Interview were: Why MBA after Law? How could having a lawyer in the cohort be beneficial for the class? I was also asked a few questions on Legal Current Affairs.

Based on my experience, my advice to candidates would be to be confident. Prepare your CV well and be thorough with the recent events that are in the news.

Why IMT Ghaziabad?
For me, the key criteria while selecting a B-school for application and admission were: Ranking, Alumni Network, Placement Stats, and Geographical location.

Apart from IMT Ghaziabad, I was selected for the final round at IMI Delhi, GIM Goa, and TAPMI, I selected IMT over others because of better Placement stats, Alumni network, and geographical location.

Life a B-school
Life in a B-school is focused on collaboration and teamwork. It is a very rigorous program!

Aakash Singh Durgawanshi | CAT 2022: 94.68% | B. Com Hons | Independent Tax Consultant

Aakash Singh Durgawanshi

Me and My Motivation for Pursuing MBA
I am Aakash Singh Durgawanshi from Mehrauli, New Delhi. I am B. Com (Hons) graduate of 2021 from PGDAV college. After that, I started my own firm, Tax Consultancy Services Mehrauli and ran it from May 2021 to Aug 2022. I'm an avid reader. I also enjoy staying active through yoga and sports. Additionally, I have a keen interest in technological advancements and innovation. Keeping up with the latest developments and understanding how technology is reshaping our lives is my genuine passion. I devoted my time as a volunteer at NGO Pehli Muskaan, imparting education to 50 underprivileged elementary-level students in 2022.

After running my own firm for 1.5 years, I made the decision to pursue an MBA. It became evident that there was a wealth of knowledge and expertise to be gained, particularly in the realm of marketing. That was my key motivation.

MBA Entrance Exam & Coaching
Instead of dividing my attention on the plethora of management exams, I decided to focus solely on CAT. I undertook a self-preparation approach, utilizing Arun Sharma's comprehensive book and supplementing my studies with free online mock tests.

CAT Preparation Strategy
My CAT 2022 preparation strategy was a self-preparation approach, leveraging Arun Sharma's book and free online mock tests. The extensive question sets in Sharma's book proved invaluable in mastering diverse problem types. As I progressed, I focused on identifying my strengths and weaknesses, allowing me to refine my study schedule. In the final weeks, I prioritized practicing questions I was already familiar with, rather than learning new techniques. I honed my skills by solving only two sets of questions per section, emphasizing quick identification of the questions that aligned with my strengths.

I recognized a particular weakness in the Quants section, prompting me to commence early preparation to address this challenge. Rather than attempting to grasp entirely new concepts, I concentrated on reinforcing my understanding of topics I was already familiar with. Understanding that CAT doesn't mandate attempting every question, I prioritized building proficiency in concepts that were more accessible for beginners and I had some prior familiarity with.

For VARC preparation, I found the key: simply immersing myself in a wide range of reading materials such as editorials, essays, books, and novels. This approach significantly enhanced my vocabulary. As for DILR, I was already proficient in this section, so I honed my skills by tackling more sets of questions.

In fact, Mocks played a pivotal role in my preparation. They were instrumental in helping me learn how to allocate my time effectively to the right questions.

My strategy for CAT exam day was is to have a night of full sleep. Don’t practice any questions, just try to have a relaxed mind. My performance in CAT 2022 exam was:

  • Overall, CAT 2022 Percentile: 94.68
  • VARC Percentile: 90.36
  • DILR Percentile: 95.54
  • Quantitative Ability Percentile: 86.70

Staying Motivated
Staying motivated during my preparation journey was crucial. I set specific goals, tracked my progress, and celebrated small achievements along the way. Additionally, I sought inspiration from the success stories of individuals who had excelled in similar endeavours. Engaging in regular breaks and maintaining a balanced routine also played a significant role in keeping my motivation levels high. Finally, visualizing my end goal and the sense of accomplishment that would come with it served as a powerful motivator throughout the process.

Managing social media distractions was a priority for me during my MBA preparation. I implemented a structured approach by setting specific time slots for social media use, outside of study hours. I also utilized website blockers and app limits to restrict access during study sessions. Engaging in offline activities and finding alternative ways to relax helped reduce dependency on social media for leisure. Additionally, I joined focused study groups where we collectively committed to minimizing distractions.

IMT Ghaziabad Admission Process
The key components for a successful interview at IMT Ghaziabad included a solid grasp of the fundamentals, a thorough understanding of oneself, and staying abreast of current affairs. To prepare for the final selection round, I ensured that I covered my college syllabus thoroughly, engaged with daily news from sources like Mint, and diligently practiced fundamental concepts to maintain a well-rounded preparation. In addition, a crucial aspect was adeptly managing pressure.

My interview was conducted in-person which initially presented a different level of pressure, but I quickly adapted and found it to be a valuable learning opportunity. Both online and offline interview experiences were positive. Some of the key questions asked in my Personal Interview were: 

  • Tell me about yourself. 
  • Why do you want to pursue an MBA? 
  • What are your short-term and long-term career goals? 
  • Why did you choose this particular business school? 
  • How do you handle challenges and pressure? 
  • Can you share an example of a leadership experience? 
  • What is your greatest strength and weakness?

B-school Selections
I was shortlisted for the final selection round by IIM Shillong, all New IIMs and Baby IIMs, IMI Delhi, DSE, DFS, DBE. Apart from IMT Ghaziabad, I converted IIM Trichy, Kashipur, Amritsar and Baby IIMs, IMI Delhi, DSE, DFS, DBE.

When selecting a B-school for application and admission, my key criteria revolved around several factors. Firstly, the reputation and accreditation of the institution were crucial, ensuring a quality education and strong alumni network. Additionally, the faculty's expertise and the range of specializations offered were important in aligning with my career goals. Consideration was also given to the school's industry connections and internship opportunities. Finally, factors like location, campus culture, and affordability played a role in my final decision-making process.

Why IMT Ghaziabad?
I chose IMT Ghaziabad over the new IIMs for several compelling reasons. Firstly, IMT's established reputation and legacy in the field of management education was a significant factor. The rich history and consistent track record of producing successful graduates gave me confidence in the quality of education I would receive. Secondly, IMT's robust industry connections and extensive alumni network were highly appealing. This promised ample opportunities for practical exposure and networking, crucial for a successful career in today's competitive business landscape land scape. Additionally, the diverse and inclusive campus culture at IMT appealed to me, offering an environment that fosters holistic development. Lastly, the well-structured curriculum and the flexibility to choose from a wide array of specializations aligned perfectly with my career aspirations, making IMT Ghaziabad the ideal choice for me and as a bonus, it was also close to my home.

Life at a B-school!
Life at a top B-school like IMT Ghaziabad has been nothing short of transformative. The dynamic learning environment, coupled with interactions with accomplished faculty and driven peers, has been incredibly enriching. The PGDM-Marketing program has provided a comprehensive understanding of marketing strategies and consumer behaviour, allowing me to apply these concepts in real-world scenarios through case studies and projects. The exposure to industry leaders through guest lectures and seminars has been a highlight, offering valuable insights and expanding my professional network. Engaging in various clubs and committees has also enhanced my leadership and teamwork skills. Overall, the experience has been invaluable, equipping me with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in marketing.

My message for MBA aspirants is to stay disciplined in your preparation, focusing on both depth and breadth of knowledge. Prioritize regular mock tests to fine-tune time management and build confidence. Embrace challenges, maintain a growth mindset, and remember, perseverance is key to success in competitive exams like CAT.

Ayushi Agarwal | CAT 2022: 93.18% | Eco Hons, Ramjas College, DU 

Ayushi Agarwal

Me and my Motivation for Pursuing MBA
Hi, I am Ayushi, a Delhi Girl who loves reading fiction and solving Sudoku. I have won several awards, including being the 2nd runner-up in a zonal essay writing competition organized by the Directorate of Education in 2019. I have also received a Certificate of Merit, from CBSE for the National Essay Writing Competition. Furthermore, I have written a few articles.

I decided to pursue an MBA program because I did not want to restrict myself to a niche career option and to explore arenas closely associated with economics such as finance and consumer behaviour.

CAT Preparation & Coaching
 I took the CAT Exam in 2022 and prepared for it through self-study. I have always been a self-learner and it was very convenient for me to compile study material from the internet. My overall strategy was to focus more on my strong areas – VARC. However, I was weak in the Quant section. My sectional preparation for CAT was as follows:

  • VARC- Reading through newspapers and fiction.
  • DILR- Taking time out to solve mind puzzles like sudoku and referring study material.
  • Quant- Referring to study material.

I took about 15 Mock Tests.

My exam day strategy was to remain as cool-headed and calm as possible. I didn’t refer to any study material at the last moment.

My Motivation Strategies
My motivation was simple – due to my young age I had the leverage to experiment! I am currently 20 years old and just 19 when I attempted the CAT exam. Additionally, I had the unwavering support of my peers and family.

During my preparation, I didn't completely cut off from social media. I used it to my advantage. I followed a couple of CAT tips and tricks platforms which made my journey less daunting.

IMT Admission Process
According to me, I did well in the admission process as I had the Poise, good GK and a beaming smile on my face!

I read newspapers and gave mock interviews to family members. In my interview there were a lot of questions related to my graduation specialization i.e., economics. For example, I was asked about the Gini Coefficient, to name some famous journals in economics, and to mention my favourite development economist.

Based on my experience, I recommend MBA aspirants to politely admit not knowing the answer instead of taking poor shots at the question.

Why IMT Ghaziabad?
My key criteria for selecting a B-school were proximity to home, legacy, and alumni connect. Besides IMT, I was also accepted by FORE and Delhi School of Economics (DSE). However, I opted for IMT because of its strong alumni connect, legacy, and commitment to improving diversity. I also received positive feedback from my relatives.

Life at a B-school
To put it in one word, an experience at a top B-school like IMT Ghaziabad is overwhelming!  It is a box full of surprises and challenges...

In conclusion, as you navigate the demanding path to your MBA dreams, remember that success is attainable with the right guidance and determination. The wisdom shared by these accomplished CAT, XAT, and GMAT toppers, who have not only conquered rigorous exams but have also gained admission to top-tier B-schools, serves as a beacon of hope for aspirants like yourself. Embrace their invaluable advice, refine your exam strategies, master the art of acing interviews, and maintain unyielding motivation throughout your journey! IMT COMMON ADMISSIONS 2024 OPEN APPLY NOW

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