COVID 19 Second Wave: How IMT Nagpur is investing in Ed Tech and Pedagogy to ensure that learning never stops News Desk |
May 1, 2021
IMT Nagpur has made investments in education technology and is ready with all three modes of MBA education – Online, Offline, or Hybrid to ensure that leaning never stops in the devastating impact of second wave of Covid pandemic. IMT Nagpur is tuning this adversity into an opportunity to come out of complacence and be innovative by inventing new ways of learning experience through increased investment in IT, academia and industry engagement
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The second wave of Covid 19 has been more devastating than the first one impacting student mobility, placements and learning. However, some progressive B-schools have taken steps to mitigate the Covid impact, and ensure that learning never stops. One such B-school is IMT Nagpur that has made investments in education technology and is ready with all three modes of MBA education – Online, Offline, or Hybrid.

“COVID 19 has impacted both personal as well as professional lives across the globe. This is the time where our determination and composure is tested. In fact, this adversity provided an opportunity to come out of complacence and be innovative. IMT Nagpur has invented new ways of learning experience through increased investment in IT infrastructure, increased levels of academia and industry engagement. We have become more proactive and started imparting the new ways of learning,”said Dr. Janaki Ramudu, Dean (Academics), IMT Nagpur.

So, let us look at key COVID 19 initiatives at IMT Nagpur.

Significant investments in IT Backbone
IT infrastructure, both hardware and software, is the building block of modern B-school. It allows faculty and students to continue teaching-learning in any given circumstance.  

IMT Nagpur is well equipped with the required IT backbone needed to switch from physical mode to hybrid/online mode of education system. Keeping the current and possible disruptions in view, IMT Nagpur made significant investment of funds and time in the latest technology.

IMT is prepared for any mode - Online / Blended / Face-to-Face - of education keeping all safety guidelines given by the regulatory authorities from time to time.

Teaching with Microsoft Teams
IMT Nagpur uses Microsoft Teams software for enabling remote class sessions. For a brief period, while the campus was open for students, IMT used hybrid teaching using the software enabled by smart class rooms that allows for remote as well as in-class learning.

Online Exam Assessment
One of the most difficult academic areas in the Covid world has been assessing students. Remote assessment is tricky and unless sophisticated softwares are used, it doesn’t give faculty the complete satisfaction. Realizing the need, IMT Nagpur is has deployed Evaluation Software - Wheebox. Wheebox is a leading online assessment company that offers solution of government, enterprise, corporate assessments for hiring and development and education institutions.

IMT Nagpur also uses anti-plagiarism software ‘Turnitin’ in the assignments/projects. This ensures that the sanctity of exams and evaluations is not compromised.

Faculty members at IMT Nagpur have been trained to utilize these platforms effectively.

Student Satisfaction
What has been student satisfaction at IMT Nagpur while utilizing these platforms? While initially students were skeptic, rigorous deployment of education technology tools with a human touch removed their doubts. 

Nitish Nair, PGDMstudent at IMT Nagpur, says, “Remote learning was a new experience for a majority of the students, including me. I did find it tedious, tiring and monotonous at first. Adjusting to a new platform was difficult, but the interactive classrooms, erudite teachers and their encouragement for class participation have been an anchor which kept me stable and made my learning experience enriching.”

Another student, Sugandh Kapil, said, “The journey of adapting to the new normal of remote learning has been filled with many challenges and opportunities. It has moulded the student's minds into having a more goal-oriented approach. Due to the online medium, each and everyone gets an equal opportunity to speak, participate and learn. It has been an evolving process with greater connectivity and contribution.”

IMT PGDM- Finance student Abhijeet Singh Dhaka adds, “Initially, when the idea of an online MBA was proposed, growth in productivity or value addition seemed like a long shot to me, but once the classes took place, everything panned out for the good. MBA, as a course, is more than just assignments and books, and despite the distance, I was able to experience the goodness of this course.”

Palak Punetha, PGDM- Marketing student at IMT Nagpur sums up nicely when she says, “Despite the distance, the learning has been great. Apart from classrooms, all the faculties were available over calls and emailsto attend to any of our doubts or concerns.”

Key Initiatives for 2021 Batch
Apart from education tech initiatives, what are the key initiatives being undertaken at IMT Nagpur for the Batch of 2021? Here are a few highlights.

  1. Introduction of new elective courses. For instance, it is offering a Course titled ‘Experience Markets’, a Simulation game based elective from Economics area.
  2. Innovative blend of off-line and on-line class room delivery. Use of teaching and evaluation software, intensive use of IT facilities and usage of smart-classrooms helped in delivering the courses without any compromises on quality and rigor.
  3. Replacing the traditional evaluation system with more of Case-based and open book system of evaluation. This scales up the critical thinking and analytical skills of the students.
  4. More of Industry Engagement and Connect in revising the course contents and team teaching.
  5. Special focus on Internship and Dissertation, as a part of Curriculum.
  6. Empowering the students more and more to facilitate better Learning and bright future.

So, it will be fair to say that despite COVID 19 disruption, IMT Nagpur has been carrying out its operation effectively ensuring assurance of learning, continuous industry connect and uncompromising placement record. Faculty have also leveraged the situation to add more to body of knowledge through research publications, online conferences, workshops and faculty development programs.

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