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November 15, 2019
CAT toppers make a natural choice for top IIMs like IIMA, IIMB and IIMC but SPJIMR Mumbai is one B-school that offers a unique learning experience. SPJIMR Fee is moderate as compared to other top B-schools while Placements are at par with the best and deliver high RoI. As such many CAT toppers have preferred SPJIMR to IIMs and other top B-Schools
SPJIMR Mumbai Fees

While top IIMs like IIMA, IIMB and IIMC are a natural choice of CAT Toppers, Mumbai based SPJIMR is one B-school that offers a unique combination of great Learning Experience at a highly affordable Fee and Placements at par with the top IIMs. Further, in the last 12 months, SPJIMR has added many feathers to its crown, including earning AACSB Accreditation and getting ranked amongst Top Global B-schools by QS Rankings. SPJIMR Mumbai Admission Open - Apply Now

Let’s analyse how SPJIMR compares with top IIMs, and does it score on key factors that MBA aspirants look for?

Key Factors
The factors that put SPJIMR Mumbai into top league B-schools, along with IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta include the moderate fee and top Placements leading to great ROI, unique Admission Process, Curriculum & Pedagogy, Small Batch Size, Location advantage, and top International Accreditation and Rankings. reviews these key reasons that put SPJIMR into top B-school league in India.

  1. SPJIMR Fee, much lower than Top IIMs

Let’s start with one factor that is top priority for every MBA aspirant – MBA Program Fee! SPJIMR Fee is one of its key USPs. SPJIMR Fee structure is much moderate as compared to top IIMs and other top B-schools in India. SPJMIR Fee is Rs 17.50 Lakhs for the 2 year program, while Fee for top IIMs is higher than 20 lakhs. Top non-IIM B-schools like MDI too charge more than SPJIMR.

Top B-School
MBA Program Fee 2020 (Rs. in lakhs)
IIM Ahmedabad
IIM Bangalore
IIM Calcutta
MDI Gurgaon

Source: Analysis

Indeed, for students studying at SPJIMR, lower Fee and high Placements deliver an ROI that is even better than Top IIMs.

  1.  SPJIMR Placements, at par with Top IIMs

SPJIMR is one of the top B-schools in India that conclude the final placements the fastest, and at par with top IIMs. The Final Placements 2019 at SPJIMR Mumbai concluded with a rise in average salary to Rs.22.90 lakhs. More than 50% of the batch took up PPO/PPI opportunities through their autumn internship with leading companies.

SPJIMR Vs IIMs Placements: A Comparison
A quick comparison of placements with top ranked IIMs will reveal that Placements at SPJIMR are getting closer to IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta Placements, and are much higher than other leading IIMs like IIM Indore and IIM Kozhikode.

Placement 2019 (Avg Salary in Rs. Lakhs)
IIM Ahmedabad
IIM Calcutta
IIM Indore
IIM Kozhikode

Source: Analysis

111 companies participated in SPJIMR Placement 2019 as against 105 last year. 239 students who participated in Placement 2019 received offers from 111 recruiters. Over 72% of the batch received offers of INR 20 LPA or above. A total of twelve International offers were made in placements season 2019. 

“Our placement outcomes continue to improve every year, and in tangible terms are competitive with the top three IIMs and superior to other institutes,” asserts Dr Ranjan Banerjee, Dean, SPJIMR.

  1. Unique ‘Profile-based’ Selection Process

SPJIMR admission process is unique and the key differentiator is a candidate’s profile. Even if you may not have scored a high 98-99 percentile in CAT or XAT, if you have the desired qualities with good academic profile and the required skill set, you may be  the right candidate that SPJIMR is looking for.

Commenting on the selection process, Prof Bindu Kulkarni, Faculty in-charge of Admissions-PGDM at SPJIMR says, “We look for aspirants who are grounded with a strong and consistent academic background, relevant work experience in the chosen area of specialization, an ability to be a team player and have the desire to make a difference.  Diversity in their academics as well as versatility through achievements is desired.”

As part of the unique selection process, SPJIMR does Profile Based Shortlisting & Early PI rounds. As per the Admission Criteria, a candidate will be considered for SPJIMR admission on the basis of his/her profile while the CAT 2019 and XAT 2020 exam scores will be taken into account when the results are declared.

Explains Prof. Kulkarni, “SPJIMR has a selection process that is done in two phases. In the first phase (profile-based shortlisting) applicants are shortlisted on the basis of their profiles before submission of entrance test scores. Applicants shortlisted in the first list are called for an early interview as well. They are however, expected to meet the qualifying scores in at least one of the entrance exams as a qualifier.”

Sharing the benefits of SPJIMR profile based shortlisting criteria, Prof Kulkarni says, “Candidates also benefit from having early interviews as it avoids overlapping with other interview calls during the admissions season. To the Institute, it gives an opportunity to stagger interviews and ensure that the interview process remains robust even though numbers being interviewed are large.”

The second phase of selection process considers both – profile as well as entrance test score. In the second phase, candidates are shortlisted for interviews basis their profiles as well as their performance in the entrance tests after the results are announced. Interviews are held in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore.

Another key feature in the SPJIMR admission process is that the institute gives the opportunity to the applicants to select two areas of specialization out of four areas namely Finance, Information Management, Marketing and Operations & Supply Chain at the application stage.

  1. Unique Curriculum & Pedagogy

While IQ (intellectual quotient) is important, EQ is equally important for success in business and professional life. “As much as 80% of adult “success” comes from EQ,” said Daniel Goleman, the internationally known psychologist who brought EQ (emotional quotient) to the center stage of leadership development with his 1995 book, Emotional Intelligence that was on The New York Times bestseller list.

SPJIMR has a unique curriculum and pedagogy that nurtures not just IQ but also EQ, thus creating socially aware managers.

Key Pedagogical Initiatives at SPJIMR
In addition to regular courses that all leading B-schools offer, SPJIMR takes five key initiatives in ‘Non-Classroom Learning’ area which include ADMAP, DOCC, Abyudaya, PG Lab and Science of Spirituality.

These unique course curriculum at SPJIMR offers three distinct levels of learning:

  • Self-awareness: How do you understand yourself?
  • Self-management: How do you reflect this awareness in your behaviour and interactions with others (inter personal) and with yourself (intra personal)?
  • Societal awareness: How do you understand societal systems and needs, like the idea of India along with the idea of Bharat? 

CAT Toppers, who have selected SPJIMR over IIMs and other top B-schools, rate these courses very high and strongly recommend them.

For instance, Sakshat Goel, SPJIMR student of PGDM 2019-21 batch, who scored 99.21 percentile in CAT 2018 and was offered admission by MDI Gurgaon, IIM Shillong and New IIMs, says, “SPJIMR’s unique pedagogy, particularly non-classroom learning programs like Abhyudaya and DOCC, made me choose it over IIMs.”

Sourabh Singhal, another student of 2019-21 batch, who scored 98.92 percentile in CAT 2018 and was offered admission by IIM Indore, IIM Shillong, MDI, NMIMS Mumbai, says, “SPJIMR is not only about academics, it also focuses on value-based learning and influencing practice based approach to execute these learnings.”

SPJIMR Mumbai Admission Open - Apply Now

  1. Small Batch Size

This is a very important and an often-ignored factor. While top IIMs and private B-schools have MBA/PGDM batch sizes in the 400-500 range, the batch size at SPJIMR is only 240 students. This offers a huge advantage for students like easier access and proximity to faculty and higher bonding amongst the batch.

The flagship PGDM 2020-22 batch at SPJIMR has an intake of 240 students for Indian Nationals. Additional 36 seats are available for PIO/OCI and Foreign Nationals, and they further add to the diversity. Indeed, smaller batch size helps in faster Placements, better roles and higher average salary.

Tushar Goel, who scored 98.89 percentile in CAT 2018, and opted for SPJIMR over SJMSOM-IIT Bombay, MDI Gurgaon and NMIMS Mumbai, said, “SPJIMR has a small batch size, which ensures better learning experience and placements in the top companies.”

  1. Location Advantage of SPJIMR

Being in the Financial capital of India, Mumbai, offers a lot of advantages for SPJIMR students. Easy access to CXOs and practitioners makes learning at SPJIMR more contemporary and closer to practice. Many IIMs and other B-schools do not find such a location advantage that has best industry connect facility.

“The locational advantage at SPJIMR in the business capital gives it an edge over other B schools in terms of placements and industry exposure,” echo SPJIMR students Sandeep Prabhu and Ram Kumar.

  1. Top International Accreditation & Rankings

As a result of significant improvements at SPJIMR, the B-school has earned top international accreditation and rankings.

AACSB Accreditation: Among Top 5% Global B-Schools
SPJIMR has become one of the few B-schools in India to have earned prestigious international accreditation from the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and joins the league of top 5% global B-schools which are AACSB Accredited. AACSB Accreditation is awarded to the B-schools that have demonstrated excellence in all areas, including teaching, research, curricula development, and student learning.

SPJIMR also enjoys the International Accreditation from AMBA (Association of MBAs). AMBA, the UK-based global accreditation agency has accorded accreditation to the various 2 Year and 1 Year Management programmes of SPJIMR Mumbai.

QS Global Rankings: Top Ranked B-School
QS Global Ranking has ranked SPJIMR in Top 200 B-schools globally, and amongst Top 5 B-schools in India. SPJIMR Mumbai has been one of the five Indian institutes in the QS global top 230 B-schools for four years running. This year, SPJIMR has moved into the top 200.

Top Indian rankings too put SPJIMR in top league. SPJIMR has been ranked #4 in Rankings 2018-19 and was Ranked #4 in Business World India’s Best B-schools 2019 Rankings.

Commenting on the development, Dr Banerjee said, “We are steadily moving up in most national and international rankings. We entered the QS Global world rankings for the first time four years back, and are one of five Indian institutes to make it to this list. We have moved up in these rankings this year.”

Dr Banerjee sums up key strengths of SPJIMR by saying, “We are distinctive in terms of industry integration, teaching excellence, value education and experiential learning. We educate the whole human being, and social awareness and sensitivity are a deep part of our ethos. We are entrepreneurial and non-bureaucratic and believe we can bring new innovations to the fore faster than many other institutes.”

Looking at all the above factors, MBA aspirants who are looking for a top notch MBA/PGDM program in India that prepares them for not just the first job but a long and distinguished career should consider applying for Admission 2020. Last date to apply is November 22. More details and application form are available on this link.

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