IIM Ahmedabad: Indian Institute of Management
Private Established 1961
Address : Test Address
City: Ahmedabad | State: Gujarat
MBAUniverse.com Rank: 3 | AAA+ | NIRF Rank: 3
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MBA education is getting more and more expensive. MBA scholarships, offered by the MBA colleges in India not only reduce the burden of MBA Fee which runs very high, it turns out to be good support during your MBA course. Since your dream of doing MBA from one of the top MBA colleges requires lot of money during the course of study, the MBA scholarship offers fee waiver depending upon your performance in entrance exam, academics, category and skill set. To reduce the financial burden on Meritorious students, Good MBA colleges offer number of MBA scholarships to its students in first and second year of MBA course. Schemes of special scholarship for Indian girls and women are also offered to improve gender diversity in the management institute.


Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad offers many Institute based and Corporate Sponsored scholarships to students in 1st and 2nd year of the course to support its students to pursue the management program with reduced financial burden as given below


IIM Ahmedabad Scholarship Schemes
IIM Ahmedabad has instituted a number of scholarships to the PGP and PGP-FABM students which include Need-Based Scholarship Scheme; scholarships offered by Government of India, by Industry and Corporate Sector, by IIM-A Alumni, Scholarships for Entrepreneurship, Scholarships for reserved category and minority students among others.

Name of Scholarship Scheme

Eligibility Criteria

Amount of Scholarship

Need-based scholarship Scheme

1.PGP & PGP-FABM Students whose gross annual family income is below Rs.15,00,000 during the previous financial year can apply

2.Proof of family income, amount of educational loan taken, and candidate’s past earnings required

3.Family income includes total income of parent(s)/guardian(s) and spouse if married

4.The income before tax deduction will be considered

IIM-A shall determine the financial assistance required for each applicant based on its assessment of the applicant’s economic status

IIMA Exit Scholarships

1. Scholarships for students who graduate from IIMA and going for entrepreneurship to encourage the graduating students to become entrepreneurs

2. The applicants must opt out of placement and must have business plans

Monthly stipend of Rs.30,000/- for three consecutive years to two students from every batch

Scholarships to Join “Not-for-Profit” Organizations

students who graduate from IIMA and join “Not-for-Profit” organization to encourage students to opt for jobs in NGOs

Two students from every batch are given financial assistance for three consecutive years

Ranges between Rs.3 to 4 lakhs per year per student



Assistance ships for students



1. IIMA Graduates who pursue doctoral studies To encourage students to go for doctoral studies in India or abroad

2. Two students are given this scholarship for three consecutive years.

Rs.3 to 4 lakhs per year per student


IIM-A Alumni Scholarships



Financial support is extended to 9 PGP 1 & PGP/FABM II students from economically and socially challenged background, based on their financial status, every year

Beneficiary students should contribute in future (within and not later than 5 to 7 years after passing out from the Institute

Financial assistance is given only to those students, who consent to contribute

Rs. 2 to 3 lakhs

PeriViswanath Scholarship: Instituted from the batch 2013-15 by the batch-mates of Mr. PeriViswanath, who died in a road accident 


1. Given to one student in the PGP/PGP-FABM

2. Merit-cum-Means eligibility criteria

3. The merit criterion is the first year performance in PGP/PGP-FABM and past academics

4. The Means criterion of annual family income below Rs.15,00,000.

5. Awarded at the beginning of the second year

6. The beneficiary student must give consent to contribute in future (within and not later than 5 to 7 years after passing out from the Institute)

Rs.2 lakhs per year. The Student will get Rs.4 lakhs over 2 years

Shri GC Mital Entrepreneurship Aid: A sum of The eligibility criteria shall be as follows:

The aid amount would be given to the student on the day of convocation. This Aid has been implemented from the batch of 2012.



To one graduating student of PGP/PGP-FABM, who intends to start own venture

Must opt out of the IIMA placement process

Scholarship limited to students with educational loan of a minimum Rs.100,000 and those with a combined family income below Rs.800,000 per annum

selection shall be done on the basis of a business plan submitted by the applicant

Rs.2 Lakhs per Year 

Family Income Linked Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme

Students whose total family income is less than Rs. 6 lakh in the previous financial year.


SC/ST Scholarships

Only SC/ST category students having valid certificates can apply for this scholarship.

Rs.150 per month for 10 months

GOI Merit-cum-Means Scholarships

At least 25% students belonging to the non-sponsored student body from both first and second year are awarded this scholarship.

Rs.2,200 per year

Aditya Birla Group Scholarships

Candidates are shortlisted by ABG on the basis of merit. Around six students are shortlisted.

Rs.1.75 lakh per student per annum

OP Jindal Engineering and Management Scholars

Two students are shortlisted for this scholarship based on the academic performance of the students and an online test along with a personal interview.

Rs.1.50 lakh to one/two second year students

Dunia Scholarships for scholastic excellence

Two students are shortlisted for this scholarship on the basis of merit in PGP-1/II

Rs.100,000 per student

ONGC SC/ST Merit-cum-Means Scholarships

Few of the SC/ST students are shortlisted for this scholarship.


State Scholarship

State Governments sometimes fund the education of some of the best students from those states.



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