MICA Ahmedabad
Private Established 1991
Address : Telav - Ghuma Rd, Shela
City: Ahmedabad | State: Gujarat
MBAUniverse.com Rank: 9,999 | AA+ | NIRF Rank: 42
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MICA Ahmedabad Scholarships, leading to partial or full fee waiver are offered to the students. MICA Scholarships are Merit Based and Need Based which are offered to students in 1st and 2nd year of the MBA courses to support them to pursue the management program with reduced financial burden as MBA education is getting more and more expensive. MBA scholarships, offered by the MBA colleges in India not only reduce the burden of high MBA Fee, it turns out to be good support during the MBA course. Since students’ dream of doing MBA from one of the top MBA colleges requires lot of money during the course of study, the MBA scholarship offers fee waiver depending upon your performance in entrance exam, academics, category and skill set. To reduce the financial burden on Meritorious students, Good MBA colleges offer number of MBA scholarships to its students in first and second year of MBA course.


MICA Scholarship Schemes: Eligibility Criteria, Amount of Scholarships
MICA Scholarships are awarded annually based on the student's overall academic performance and family income.


The scholarships are awarded to students currently pursuing studies at MICA and benefit students of the 2-year programmes viz. the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Communications) - PGDM(C) and Post Graduate Diploma in Management - PGDM and the 1-year Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Crafting Creative Communications (CCC). The process of evaluating and awarding the scholarships is detailed and rigorous.


MICA has signed an MOU with Prof. Bikram Bindra wherein Prof. Bikram Bindra will sponsor the scholarship to the first-year students of PGDM(C) & PGDM programme at MICA based on merit cum means/means cum merit basis. The scholarship given by Prof. Bikram Bindra will be known as the "Equity Scholarship." The students from PGP-1 who represent a minority status, which could be based on religion, ability status, sexual or gender identity, or belonging to a minority community, will be eligible to apply under this scheme. This will be over and above the annual MICA Scholarships.


MICA Scholarship Eligibility:

  • The Criterion for Scholarship selection is based on the following : (applicable to both PGP & CCC)
  • Family Income not exceeding Rs. 10 lakhs per annum
  • Student's academic performance (minimum CGPA of 3.00) and class attendance record (minimum 80% across all subjects) in the first year (applicable to PGP-2)
  • Other achievements (e.g., winning state/national/international level competitions)
  • Scrutiny of Income-Tax Returns and Bank Statements of all the earning members of the family for last 3 years
  • A brief justification of applying for the scholarship (Separate in case of applying for Equity Scholarship)
  • Family Background

MICA Scholarship Award: Selection Process
The selection process for award of MICA scholarships involves the following:

  • Notification & Announcement to students inviting applications
  • Preliminary scrutiny of applications and financial documents as per respective criteria laid down
  • Interview & Interaction with the shortlisted students by the Scholarships Committee (consisting of MICA faculty and staff). For Equity Scholarship to PGP-1, Prof. Bikram Bindra will be a part of the Committee.
  • Recommendations of selected students by the Committee
  • Official notification to the final selected students

MICA Scholarship Amount:

  • The maximum number of scholarships to be awarded will be 25 to 27 (to PGP-1, PGP-2, and CCC), including the sponsored from Prof. Bikram Bindra for 1/2 student(s), where Prof. Bindra will provide Rs. 5 Lakhs to the student(s).
  • The scholarship to be awarded for PGP-2 students will be up to 12 from MICA (MICA will provide the scholarship up to 100% of the tuition fees per student in the programme).
  • The scholarship to be awarded for PGP-1 will be up to 11 to 13, out of which 1/2 will be from Prof. Bikram Bindra and up to 11 students from MICA (MICA will provide the scholarship up to 100% of the tuition fees per student in the programme).
  • For CCC, it will be up to 2 (MICA will provide up to 50% of the tuition fees per student in the programme). Please note that the final discretion to award the scholarships rests with the MICA Management.


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