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June 8, 2023

GMAT Coaching: Best GMAT Coaching Institutes in India 2023, Best GMAT Coaching Centres


Coaching for GMAT exam is offered by all the top Coaching institutes in India like IMS, CL, TIME among others. GMAT coaching 2023 is available online as well as offline. We share below the details of top GMAT coaching institutes as well as best Online Coaching for GMAT 2023


Best GMAT Coaching Institutes in India
If any aspirant feels the need, below is a list of the top GMAT coaching institutes in India (both offline and online) that have been known to provide quality education with best GMAT preparation material and hence quality results over the years:

  • Jamboree

Online Intensive Course: 16,000/-

Comprehensive course: 22,000/-

  • TIME 

Course: 10,000/-

Superior Course: 20,000/-

Elite Course: 25,000/-

Correspondence Course:20,000/-

  • IVY-GMAT  

     Classroom course:26,000/- 

     Online: 30,000/-

  • CL Educate Pvt. Ltd.

GMAT verbal: 55.000/-,

GMAT Test Prep: 50,000/-,

GMAT Bridge: 30,000/-

  • Princeton Review

Self-Paced Course: 30,000/-

Ultimate Live Online: 58,000/-

Workshop: 25,000/-

  • Veritas Prep

Self-Study: 55,000/-

Live Class: 1,12,000/-

  • Manhattan Prep

       Interact GMAT course: 45,000/-

Live GMAT course: 1,08,000/-

Best Websites for GMAT Online Coaching Material & Preparation
You can follow these websites for GMAT preparation online:


This is the official website of the GMAT exam. That itself says enough about this website, as it gives access to all the official material, be it the Official Guide, or the Official kit which has the 2 free Practice exams, and 4 other Official Practice exams.

  • GMAT Club

GMAT Club has a unique format. Instead of just presenting a common structure and questions, they encourage aspirants to interact with former MBA students. They have Global Moderators (volunteers), Current Students, Alumni and GMAT Experts that can provide free help and advice to all members.

  • Manhattan Prep

They have on offer, a plethora of interactive video courses and also live classes conducted by GMAT instructors and an option of private tutoring if one desires for a one-on-one personalized attention

  • Beat the GMAT

This is more of a social media networking website of GMAT aspirants. It is used more as a forum where suggestions and pieces of advice by fellow applicants, admission officers at schools, faculty members and consultants.

  • Kaplan

This website thrives and markets itself as an in-person program provider, which in a way means that lecture delivery, doubt solving and all in class discussions happen live, and are conducted by Kaplan Certified Trainers at LogIQuest.


GMAT Offline or Online Coaching Preparation: Plan & Strategy
You should be clear about GMAT preparation plan whether with or without coaching. A good GMAT score is 700+, from a total of 800. But if you want to get into IVY League B-schools like Harvard Business School, Chicago Booth, Wharton etc…then you must target 740+. You can achieve this with a 12-weeks of GMAT preparation plan. Check the Study Tips to Prepare for the GMAT Exam 2023 from GMAT Coaching experts as below:



  • The ‘What’: Make yourself familiar with the exam pattern and structure.
  • The ‘How’: Research about the exam from GMAT website Use the free GMAT Official Guide and the GMAT Official Starter Kit. Learn the basic GMAT preparation tips to prepare well, and ideally attempt one of the two free Practice Exams.

Weeks 2 and 3
This would be the time that the candidate should ideally devote to the initial foundational practice of the different topics across all sections.

  • The ‘What’: Practice more and accordingly revise the study plan.
  • The ‘How’: Solve and attempt the first 1/3 of the practice questions in every section of the Official Guide. Also, determine your strong and weak points and devise a strategy for the coming two weeks in detail. Involve yourself into engaging in the continuous process of betterment as far as question-solving approaches are concerned.

Weeks 4 and 5
You should dedicate Week 4 & 5 to a continuous review and evaluation of the progress made through study plans and also through test scores.

  • The ‘What’: Evaluate the progress, both individually and also preferably through your mentor.
  • The ‘How’: Create and manage question sets based on the particular category and level of difficulty and practice accordingly. Attempt the second free Practice Exam. Analyze the exam result and apply any necessary changes in the study plan accordingly.

Weeks 6 and 7
These weeks would be crucial to the overall score improvement as it is here that the candidate should finally start inculcating the ‘time factor’, while solving chapter-based questions, and also section-based questions.

  • The ‘What’: Time management is the key, so focus on the same.
  • The ‘How’: In order to fulfill the objective of this week, start using a timer while solving individual questions and also practice tests. Try and create your own version of practice tests from the GMAT Official Guide, and also time them properly.

Weeks 8 and 9
Now you should be dedicated ideally to evaluate the time constraint based solving of section-wise and test-wise questions, and hence reviewing the study plan accordingly, if necessary.

  • The ‘What’: Assess the progress, especially after the proposed time constraints.
  • The ‘How’: Continue testing yourself with the timed practice tests and start to focus the learning in the specific areas identified through the analysis of tests. Attempt one more mock exam, preferably the Practice exam-3 from the Official Kit, and then adjust the further 2-week plan accordingly.


  • The ‘What’: Start to build your confidence as you start to move towards the end of the preparation phase.
  • The ‘How’: Analyze the questions in the attempted practice tests, especially the wrongly attempted ones. Utilize the 90 practice questions available in the Official Starter Kit and extra questions as available in the Official Guide.


  • The ‘What’: Evaluate your preparation and readiness.
  • The ‘How’: It’s now time to attempt another practice test, preferably the Practice exam-4 of the Official Kit. Review and analyze the test to bring out the strength areas and the weak areas clearly. Go through the GMAT Handbook to know what to expect at the test center.


  • The ‘What’: Check your preparedness level for D-Day.
  • The ‘How’: Visit and review the difficult questions and their detailed answer explanations once again. Devise a final strategy that focuses more on strengths. Make sure that all necessary items are ready at least a day in advance and also take proper rest before the D-Day.

GMAT Exam 2023: Sectional Composition & Score Range
The present GMAT exam is designed to test skills that are highly important to business and management programs. GMAT sectional composition is as below:

Time Limit / Number of Questions
Sectional GMAT Exam Syllabus & Pattern 2023-Type of Questions
Score Range
Analytical Writing Assessment
30 minutes
1 question
Analysis of an Argument
0-6 (in 0.5-point increments)
Integrated Reasoning (IR)
30 minutes
12 questions
Graphics Interpretation, Table Analysis, Multi-source Reasoning, Two-part Analysis
1-8 (in 1-point increments)
Quantitative Reasoning (QR)
62 minutes
31 questions
Data Sufficiency, Problem Solving
6-51 (in 1-point increments)
Verbal Reasoning (VR)
65 minutes
36 questions
Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction
6-51 (in 1-point increments)

GMAT 2023 & GMAT Focus Edition 2024 Coaching: Check Exam Pattern
While the present GMAT 2023 exam duration is 3 hours 7 minutes excluding two 8-minute breaks, both of which are optional, the GMAT Focus Edition exam to be launched in 2024, has duration of 2 hours 15 minutes with 10 minute optional break. Presently, the exam has four sections: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment; in 2024 with the launch of focus edition, GMAT exam will have only 3 sections namely Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Data Insights with many changes. Key highlights of present and proposed GMAT paper structure are as shared below:

Particulars of Changes in GMAT Vs GMAT Exam Focus Edition
GMAT Exam Focus Edition
Total Sections
Total Questions
Sectional Individual Time Limit
QR-62 Minutes; VR- 65 Minutes; IR-30 Minutes; AWA-30 minutes
45 Minutes for each of the three sections
Name of Sections with number of questions
Quantitative Reasoning-31
Verbal Reasoning-36
Integrated Reasoning-12
Analytical Writing Assessment-1
Quantitative Reasoning- 21 Qs
Verbal Reasoning – 23 Qs  
Data Insights – 20 Qs
New Sections/Topics Introduced or Removed
No Change
Section Introduced:
1. Data Insights
Data Sufficiency to be Part of Data Insights
Sections Removed:
1. AWA Removed
2. IR Removed
3. Sentence Correction removed from the Verbal Reasoning
4. Data Sufficiency no longer to be a part of QR Section and will form a part of Data Insights (DI)
Exam Duration
3 hrs 7 minutes
2 hrs 15 minutes
Breaks Allowed During the Exam
Two Optional Breaks of 8 Minutes Each
One Option Break of 10 Minutes
Sections Responsible for GMAT Score Calculation
2 Sections; Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning
All the 3 Sections; Quantitative Reasoning; Verbal Reasoning; Data Insights
Type of Questions
IR- MCQs & Multiple Answer Qs
Data Insights-MCQs
Scoring Pattern
GMAT Exam Taking Experience
Less Flexibility
Free to choose the order of different GMAT sections; Facility of Bookmark and Review as many questions as Test Takers want; Facility to Change up to 3 answers per section
Changes in GMAT Exam Syllabus & Pattern
QR: Problem Solving + Data Sufficiency
VR: SC + CR + RC
No AWA Syllabus as it is removed
No Sentence Correction in VR
Syllabus for Data Sufficiency shifted to Data Insights section – new section introduced
No IR Syllabus as section is removed
Availability of GMAT Exam Preparation & Study Material
Available in Plenty
Official GMAT Exam Focus Edition Guide released on June 6, 2023
Procuring Enhanced Score Report (ESR)
Need to spend US$ 30 for extra purchase
Included; No additional cost
Free Sending of Score Reports to preferred B-schools accepting GMAT
To 5 Programs/B-schools without any charges in 48 hours of receiving the Official Score Report on
To 5 Programs/B-schools without any charges in 48 hours of receiving the Official Score Report on
Availability of GMAT Test Appointment Date
For CBT at Test Centre
7 days a week (In case of holiday at test centre, will not be available
Online from Home: Round the clock
For CBT at Test Centre
7 days a week (In case of holiday at test centre, will not be available
Online from Home: Round the clock
Number of GMAT Attempts Allowed
8 attempts in a lifetime
5 attempts in a 12-month period with a gap of 16 calendar days
8 attempts in a lifetime
5 attempts in a 12-month period with a gap of 16 calendar days
Validity of GMAT Scores
5 Years
5 Years
Short name
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