CAT Exam 2019: 5 Last Minute Exam Day Tips by CAT Toppers at IIM Ahmedabad, Calcutta, FMS Delhi News Desk |
November 23, 2019
A few hours are left to appear in CAT 2019 exam. It is not only your good CAT exam preparation but also the CAT test taking strategy that helps to improve your CAT percentile. CAT toppers share 5 tips for CAT 2019 aspirants who have prepared well and wish to get admission in IIMs in 2020 but are a bit nervous and under stress. CAT toppers emphasize upon well planned last minute exam day tips with the CAT day test taking strategy.
5 Last Minute CAT Exam Day Tips by CAT Toppers

CAT 2019 aspirants are aware that the CAT 2019 exam, with a few changes in its pattern will be conducted on November 24, 2019 in 156 test cities by IIM Kozhikode in morning and afternoon slots as a computer based test.   The morning session of CAT 2019 starts at 9 AM with the reporting time at 7.30 AM at CAT exam centre while the slot 2 CAT exam starts at 2.30 PM with reporting time as 1 PM. So, before the exam starts and during the 3 hours of exam, you should not feel nervous and remain calm and confident. CAT toppers share key important tips for your CAT day.

  1. Have a Sound Sleep
  2. Reach at CAT exam Center in Time
  3. Perform at Your Best
  4. Treat CAT Another Mock
  5. If difficult, Skip the Question 

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In view of CAT toppers, CAT preparation time is now over and you should gear up for the CAT exam day. Your focused attention should now be on revisiting and strengthening what you have learnt, more practice sessions, taking Mocks, identifying and improving upon your errors, removing your weaknesses and further strengthening your strong areas instead of conceptual clarity, strengthening of fundamentals or starting anything new. 

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5 Last Minute CAT Exam Day Tips by Toppers 
If you are positive, remain cool and calm throughout the exam, you can score high and remain motivated.  Any feeling of pessimism or the stressful feeling, fearing some problems related to preparation, exam room strategy or unanticipated technical glitches just before CAT 2019 is uncalled for and unfounded. You have to take the bull by the horn. Be confident and remain motivated, any dip in the confidence level at the eleventh hour may turn the tables against you.

1. No Sleepless Night: CAT Toppers’ Advice
No Sleepless Nights is the key CAT 2019 last minute tip shared by past CAT toppers, studying in IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, FMS Delhi among other top B-schools.

According to IIM Ahmedabad student of PGP 2018-20, Krupa Bathia who scored 99.95 percentile in CAT 2017, “Sleep before 4-5 CAT day is of utmost importance. I slept well for 3-4 days before the CAT exam. I also took mocks during the time of actual CAT till 2 days before CAT. A day before CAT I did not take any mock, I just went through my notes of concept and slept properly. For test taking I followed the strategy that I had followed during Mocks.”

Saswat Gupta FMS Delhi student of MBA 2018-20 batch scored 99.91 percentile in CAT 2017. He suggests that good sleep is a must. According to him, “I Slept on time to get 7 hours of sleep before the exam. Woke up, went straight to the centre for the afternoon session without any other thoughts.”

IIM Calcutta student of 2018-20 batch and CAT topper with 99.64 percentile lays great emphasis on a good sleep before the exam. He says, “Cannot emphasize on the importance of a well-rested body and mind for the test-day. Would recommend 8 hours of sleep, light breakfast/meal a hour before and lots of water to be had during the test. In order to get myself oriented for the test, I would attempt mocks in the same hour slot as my eventual CAT slot which helps adjust your sleep cycle and attention cycles accordingly.”  

CAT Mock Test

2. Arrive Early at CAT exam Center: Vipul Kukkar IIM Calcutta
Sharing the last minute tips and success mantra how to win the race in one day in CAT 2019 exam Vipul Kukkar IIM Calcutta student of 2018-20 batch with CAT percentile of 99.99 recommends to arrive at the CAT test centre well in time. Vipul says, “I reached my CAT centre well before time to avoid any last minute rush.”

3. Be at Your Best Performing State: Kumar Ravi, FMS Delhi
Kumar Ravi, CAT topper with 99.99 percentile and student of MBA 2018-20 batch at FMS Delhi shares his CAT day strategy and suggests to be at your best performing state. He says, “My strategy for CAT day was to be at my best performing state. That state has the features like being well fed, not sleepy and having a calm mind. I ate a light lunch before exam, had perfect sleep the night before and had well enough confidence in me on the day of the exam so as to avoid any panic. Also I had been practicing yoga and meditation since a long time and that really helped me to have a very composite and calm mind on the day of the exam.”

4. Take CAT Without Stress: Treat Like Another Mock
Vipul Kukkar took CAT just like any other aptitude test and suggests the CAT 2019 aspirants to think like wise. According to him, “Before CAT I kept reminding myself it’s just an aptitude based test and I just need to perform to my full potential without any panic attack. I had been performing well in my mocks and I tried to give myself some confidence by thinking of my mock percentiles.”

Treat CAT as Another Mock: Yogesh Taneja, CAT 100 Percentile, IIM Calcutta
IIM Calcutta student of 2018-20 batch, Yogesh Taneja who scored 100 percentile in CAT also suggests to treat CAT as just another Mock. According to him, “My reason for taking so many different mocks was to make me so comfortable with the pattern that the final exam would feel like any other mock. In the last week I decided not to test myself with mocks and sectionals. Instead, I focused more on the revision of concepts and analysing my previously attempted mocks. My CAT test centre was Ghaziabad and I had decided to stay over at a friend’s place on the night before the exam to avoid rushing in the morning.”

5. CAT Test Taking Strategy – Plan in Advance: Rahul Gupta, IIM Calcutta
Rahul scored 99.98 percentile in CAT 2017 and got admission to IIM Calcutta in 2018-20 batch. He planned his test taking strategy in advance. Sharing his CAT day strategy, Rahul says, “I was very calm on the day of CAT and was confident of my preparation. I had already planned how I would go about doing different sections. In VARC section, I first did all the RCs and then proceeded to parajumbles, odd one out and summary questions. In DILR, I quickly identified the easy sets, attempted them and then moved to the difficult ones. In QA, it was quite straight forward, as all the questions were really easy and I ended up attempting all the questions correctly and got a full score for the first time.”

Learn to Say ‘No’ to a question
Only lot of Reading and trying to attempt all the questions without assessing and managing the limited time available in CAT exam is not a good practice. Knowing more only is not sufficient, you should learn to say no to a question and move to the next as time available is less. Focus equally on all the sections. The time spent on one single difficult question will go waste as there are equal marks for each correct answer. It is very much possible that you may attempt correctly two questions instead of one only during the same time that you have spent on the difficult question. So better to skip it.

CAT 2019, a single day affair on November 24, 2019, will decide the fate of 2.44 lakh aspirants going to take test and seeking admission in top rated IIMs and other B schools in India. Test takers should understand that they need now a very relaxed atmosphere, full night of sound sleep without stress on their mind. 

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More seats in IIMs in 2020
Almost all the IIMs have increased the intake for 2020-22 batch. Not only IIMs but also FMS Delhi has also increased intake to 287 students for MBA 2020-22 batch. IIMs are on the path to double their intake in coming years. More candidates will find admission opportunities in IIMs in 2020.

Moving ahead with this strategy, IIM Ahmedabad has slashed its qualifying minimum CAT 2019 percentile to 80, IIM Udaipur, Trichy, Amritsar, Nagpur have already announced their increased intake in PGP 2020-22 batch.

At present there are 20 IIMs and if each one adds 50 to 100 seats in 2020, it will come to around 2000 additional intake. With all this and more in the offing, you stand more chances to get admission in IIMs than earlier. Not only this, the IIM Act 2017 has empowered all the IIMs to award MBA degree instead of PGDM now.

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