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Updated on
May 6, 2021

ATMA 2021 May Exam on May 30 is an AI live human proctored test from your home instead of Centre based online test. The subsequent ATMA exam in July 2021 will also remain as AI Human Proctored Test.  


ATMA is one of the six national level MBA entrance exams, leading to admission in 100 MBA colleges. ATMA Exam pattern is similar to other leading national level MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, NMAT by GMAC, CMAT among others. ATMA 2021 May exam pattern is changed to AI Human Proctored test from the convenience of your home instead of appearing in the exam at a test centre. 

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ATMA Exam Pattern 2021: Key Changes
In view of Covid 19 pandemic, AIMS is conducting ATMA May 2021 with following key changes:

  • ATMA is changed to AI live Human Proctored Test from your home instead of Centre based online test
  • You should appear in Demo Test before the actual ATMA exam from your home to understand the important changes in testing mode and test taking strategy
  • Registered candidates need to login with their PID and Password at official exam website
  • Candidates need to make appropriate Computer Arrangements with required browser versions at their home

ATMA 2021 Test Pattern: Key Components
The ATMA May 2021 exam pattern, as announced by AIMS is computer based online live human proctored test. After the ATMA May 2021 exam, there will be one more ATMA exam in July 2021 for MBA admission 2021.


ATMA exam pattern consists of 180 questions with a time limit of 3 hours to solve the test paper. In the revised ATMA exam pattern, each correct answer will get 1 positive mark while a penalty of 0.25 negative mark will be applied for each wrong answer in ATMA 2021 exam.


ATMA Exam Pattern: Sectional composition
The key components in ATMA exam are:

Section name
Number of  questions
Time allotted in minutes
Analytical Reasoning Skills -1
Verbal Skills-1 
Quantitative Skills-1
Verbal Skills -2
Analytical Reasoning Skills -2
Quantitative Skills-2

It may be noted that entire ATMA exam pattern 2021 is divided into 6 sections but effectively there are three sections, if we club their part 1 and part 2.


ATMA Live Human Proctored Test: Important Points before Test Day
ATMA May 2021 exam is no more a simple computer based test. It is the live human proctored test which you can take from the convenience of your home. To appear in the exam, you need to understand how you can get ready for the test day, what are the key requirements and what precautions you should take to complete your exam successfully.


It is an online internet based test like other computer based entrance tests with the only difference that the exam is taken from the convenience at home instead of going to a test centre. The ATMA proctor will keep a watch on all activities online during the complete testing session.

  1. Exam has same number of questions and sections as in online computer based ATMA
  2. The exam has same time duration of 180 minutes, same scoring pattern and percentile calculation process as is applied in earlier ATMA exams
  3. For taking the test from home, instead of going to a test centre candidates could do so from the safe confines and convenience of their homes subject to certain conditions.
  4. Only the candidates with a computer together with webcam and internet facilities meeting certain specifications can appear in this exam.
  5. The sanctity and security of the test is effectively maintained through remote proctoring in dual mode i.e., by employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tools as also human proctors.
  6. In order to help candidates to familiarize themselves with this new mode of testing, AIMS has also scheduled Demo ATMA Test
  7. This Demo ATMA exam replicates the testing environment and help candidates build familiarity with the same. This ensures that the candidates are adequately prepared for the main test.

ATMA May 2021 Exam Pattern: 10 Salient Features

  1. Different Format of Exam Pattern: ATMA exam pattern for ATMA May exam has changed. Like MAT which has conducted Internet Based Test from home, ATMA is also conducting AI Auto Proctored Test from the convenience of home. 
  2. Exam is held in Afternoon: ATMA is one of the very few national exams which are held in the afternoon sessions. ATMA exam in May 2021 and all subsequent ATMA exams will also be held from 2PM to 5PM
  3. All questions are MCQs: All the questions in ATMA exam pattern are of Multiple Choice type (MCQs) with 4 answer options
  4. 180 questions: ATMA 2021 exam, as revealed in the notification also consists of 180 questions divided in 6 sections and is to be attempted in 3 hours
  5. Each Section Split into Two Parts: This is unique about ATMA exam pattern. The composition of the exam is such that the 6 sections cover the questions on 3 sections. The 60 questions on each section are divided into 2 sections. Your ATMA exam preparation for one section therefore, covers the questions in two sections without extra effort. 
  6. Individually Timed Sections in ATMA Exam: All the 6 sections in ATMA exam pattern are individually timed. A time limit of 30 minutes is prescribed for each section with 30 questions. Candidates cannot skip and go to other section during the time limit specified for the section.
  7. Uniform Marking Scheme: For each correct or best answer, you will get a score of +1 mark in ATMA 2021 exam. For any question not answered, a zero score will be given
  8. ¼ Negative Marking: Each wrong answer in ATMA exam attracts 25% negative marking. A deduction of 0.25 mark will be made for each incorrect answer.
  9. Moderate Difficulty Exam: ATMA pattern favours a moderate difficulty level instead of high difficulty exam. Barring a few questions, majority of the questions in ATMA exam has moderate difficulty level as against IIMs-CAT and XLRI-XAT exams
  10. Importance of Navigation Tools: To succeed in AI live Human Proctored computer based ATMA exam pattern, you should gain expertise in navigating through the test paper, how to answer questions, how to mark/unmark/review the answers or change your answers to maximize your score. It can be achieved by taking as many sample mock tests on ATMA exam.
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