Theme 2021: Learner Centric Management Education

In context of Industry 4.0 Trends, IMC focused on Sequential Themes of MBA Curriculum (2017), Pedagogy (2018) and Faculty (2019). It’s heartening that these Conclaves were successful in generating a wider debate and many initiatives have been taken on these themes.

How last six IMC Themes have evolved:

After completing sequential discussions on Curriculum, Pedagogy and Faculty, IMC 2021 shall focus on the MBA Student or the Learner. This focus on the Learner is very timely as the Learning Landscape is undergoing a sea change due to following Mega Trends:
Shift in Future Skills
Low Attention Span of Learners
Rise of On-Demand Platforms for Just-In-Time (e)Learning:
‘Customers’ entering the B-schools
In this changing context, how should B-schools rethink to be Learner Centric? IMC 2021 shall focus on following sub themes:
IMC 2021 Sub Themes
Understanding Student Expectations
The Right MBA Batch-Mix
Student Engagement & Learning Modes
Learner-led B-school: A Leadership Conundrum?
In addition, IMC Conference shall also host:
Director’s Roundtable on ‘NEP 2020 and Standalone B-schools’
IMC Distinguished Alumni Award
IMC Award for Excellence in Management Education
Masterclass on ‘Hybrid Teaching’