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One can be Famous and Important simultaneously. The basic difference is that an important person doing great things surely gets fame but one can be famous – good way or bad way without being important for the society. 


Which of the two holds more significance in the life is more related to perception when we start discussing the topic.   It's complete dependence on the intent and choice of the individual which matters the most for forming an opinion on the same. 

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Being Famous:
The dictionary meaning of the word is -  the state of being known by many people. You can be famous just for being famous, without having talent or a genuine motive. Clinical psychologist Henry Cloud says, "Fame seductively promises people that it can fulfill some true longing that it never can, such as the need to matter to other people, to have power and meaning."

  • Fame can be negative as well, hence doesn't always put you in good light.
  • Being known to people doesn't always earn you power and respect.
  • Being famous is not always the way of being hunky-dory as it seems to be. It is, however, the best way for you to carry a message on to an audience.
  • A celebrity gets more fame but how important he or she is for the society depends upon his/her deeds.

Being Important:
We all want to be noticed, to be heard, to be respected, and to be liked in the pursuit of importance and recognition. So,  

  • An important person is the asset for the society. The important person does good things and is remembered by one and all associated or not associated to him/her.
  • An important person becomes famous while doing good deeds.
  • The need to be important is an innate drive to add value to the world.
  • Having a voice in today’s society holds much more weight in terms of contributing to the change in today’s world. More importantly it enables you to bring life to just about any idea.
  • A prominent public figure in the Afro-American community, Martin Luther King who played an important and revolutionizing  role in the Afro-American civil war of 1954 became famous spontaneously. 

Valuable ways to become Important & Famous: 

  • Volunteer work,
  • Praise,
  • Generosity,
  • Kind acts of service,
  • Building character strength,
  • Being a healthy and positive role model,
  • Leadership roles,
  • Learning.

Damaging ways to become Famous but not Important: 

  • Crime,
  • Violence,
  • Changing who you are to fit society’s expectations,
  • Following the crowd,
  • Giving into peer pressure,
  • Bragging.

Although, Fame and Importance are not very far from each other but it is the importance in one's life which is completely subjective. It largely depends on your intent of good or bad and how you want to be heard. Being important can guarantee success and implementation of ideas whereas, fame only gets you recognition which can be either negative or positive. 

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Tips to improve your participation in GD round
This topic in GD round is one of the hot probable topics and has been carefully chosen and solved with the sole aim to help you succeed in GD round. If you follow the few key tips, you can improve your chances to get through the GD round

  • If you are clear and know the topic well, it is good to be the first to start the Group Discussion
  • If you are not well versed with the topic and fee a bit confused on it, try to gather information from first 1-2 speakers and then place your view point.
  • Since GD is a sort of debate, you should have a clear view point on the topic – either for or against. Don’t keep crossing the floor. It will leave a bad impression and you may be out of the race.
  • Use the quote and data, if you are sure of the source else leave it. You may encounter volley of questions on the economic statistics, trade data or historical facts from your fellow participants. Unless very sure, don’t use it.
  • Make multiple entries using the opportunity to speak. Take clue from your predecessor and turn it to your benefit
  • Speak in a firm and audible voice. Don’t shout as it wouldn’t do any good.
  • Even if you agree or disagree to the view point of other participant, add value by giving reasons for it when you speak but don’t simply say I agree or disagree

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