TRUMP-KIM SUMMIT: Will De-Nuclearization Instill World Peace?

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The first ever live face-to-face encounter of a sitting U.S. President and a reigning North Korean leader was witnessed by the world in the hotels near Singapore's Sentosa Island on June 12, 2018 to sign the agreement of denuclearization of Korean Peninsula.


The long going war between the two nations and the exchange of insults a month before the summit has got everyone biting their nails off. This was the biggest historical event with quite a background on it. If implemented in right spirit, this peace agreement between North Korea and The United States of America can bring the ever-going violence and rivalry between the two countries that poses threat to world peace may give a sigh of relief. 

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  • The Korean Peninsula war in 1950 came to an end after the intervention of the US led-coalition army.
  • Heart burn with the loss during the war, the North Korea was left with a big scar and a grudge against the USA.
  • Ever since, the North Korea has been on its mission of US invasion.
  • On succeeding his father and earlier ruler of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un unleashed the incessant attacks on USA.
  • Last year after Kim Jong-Un, the dictator of North Korea conducted multiple nuclear tests and continued with his programme of attacking the United States which raised questions about world peace that led to foundation of this summit.
  • South Korea, which shuttled between The USA and North Korea  set up the Trump-Kim meeting and is of the view that Kim Jong-Un has genuine interest in dealing away his nuclear weapons in return for economic benefits.

Key Facts

  • During their summit at a border truce village, Moon, South Korean President and Kim vaguely promised to work toward the "complete denuclearization'' of the Korean Peninsula.
  • North Korea's Foreign Ministry said that all the tunnels at the country's north-eastern testing ground will be destroyed by explosion, and that observation and research facilities and ground-based guard units will also be removed.
  • The North Korean leader seeks a deal in which he gives away his intercontinental ballistic missiles but retains some of his short-range arsenal in return for a reduced US military presence in the South.

THE DEAL: Key Points


  • The deal seems to bring peace in the world with the denuclearization of the ballistic missiles by North Korea. After signing the Agreement, Donald Trump said "better than anyone could have expected... It is a tremendous honor, and I have no doubt we will have a terrific relationship."
  • North Korea's party line has been amended to focus primarily on economic development on the rationale that North Korea has achieved its nuclear goals.
  • By giving Kim the respect that comes with interaction on an "equal footing," Trump has front-loaded symbolic expressions of his intent to improve relations, further instilling faith in the agreement.
  • North Korea has suspended its Anti-US rally to show the zeal towards denuclearization.


  • There is a risk that leaning too heavily into an attempt to end the Korean war and replace it with a permanent peace might change the relationship without addressing the underlying risk that accompanies a nuclear North Korea.
  • Bringing the Korean War to an end could result in exposure of South Korea to North Korea with their short range arsenal still in place. This could undermine the alliance between The USA and South Korea.
  • North Korea has been making vague promises for over three decades.
  • The Korean side of the agreement falls short of details and is very vaguely worded, presenting no timeline for the initiation of the denuclearization.
  • Two weeks after The Singapore Summit, 38NORTH(North Korea's analysis outlet) witnessed nuclear infrastructural developments of a new cooling water pump house, a number of new buildings, a completed construction on a cooling water reservoir and a possible radiochemical laboratory. This could nullify the Global peace efforts taken by the United States.

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