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Updated on
July 16, 2019

XLRI has deleted the Essay Writing Test section from XAT 2020 exam. It is possib le that the Essay Writing test in XAT may be reintroduced in 2020. The list of XAT essay topics for consists of XAT essay topics which appeared in past Essay writing tests in XAT.  XAT Essay topics are mostly based on abstract ideas as appeared in past. The Essay Writing Test in XAT may be replaced b y Writing Ability Teast (WAT) in the final selection round by XLRI.  

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The key changes introduced by XLRI in XAT Essay Writing Test are:

  1. Essay Writing test in XAT was online computer based test last year
  2. Maximum 3 marks were awarded for the correct, coherent and well worded XAT Essay writing 
  3. Test taker had to complete XAT essay writing in 25 minutes or less
  4. No extra time for XAT Essay writing test is assigned in online computer based XAT. Candidated had to complete the essay writing test within the overall time limit
  5. 200 words limit was assigned for essay writing test in XAT last year  
  6. No negative marking is there on XAT essay writing test
  7. The question topic on Essay writing in XAT is the last question in XAT exam

Past 15 years XAT Essay Topics
With effect from 2018, XAT essay writing has become computer based test. Before that candidates had to write the essay on a given topic in XAT exam on paper.


Essay topics for XAT 2020 are expected to be abstract ones or Social topics or may be based on current affairs. However, XAT essay topics are twisted and they more look like abstract topics asking for your opinion instead of hard facts. XAT 2020 Essay topics could also be the topics touching the lives of common people.


Accordingly, Essay Writing test in XAT 2020 will need good concentration and well practiced preparation to write a good essay. With the reduced word limit for essay writing in XAT, now the expression and meaningful writing skill is judged when you choose the XAT Essay Topics in your Mocks and sample papers. Top 15 XAT Essay Topics for 2020 XAT exam as appeared in previous XAT years are detailed below:


XAT exam year
Essay topic in XAT exam
Ethical Practices and Sustainability: Do they co-exist?
Technology and Nature are natural enemies
Listening is a dying art. We hardly listen to understand. We only listen to refute or reply.
The most beautiful thing can neither be seen nor be touched but can only be felt
Corruption is the root cause of economic slowdown in India
2012 (Option to choose one of the two topics)
Government is not addressing the root cause of poverty
Government is not able to implement the policies properly due to the huge magnitude of poverty
2011 (Long and thought provoking topic made the candidates think more before beginning to write)
The statesman who would attempt to direct private people in what manner they ought to employ their capitals, would not only load himself with a most unnecessary attention, but assume an authority which could safely be trusted to no council and senate whatever, and which would nowhere be so dangerous as in the hands of a man who had folly and presumption enough to fancy himself fit to exercise it.
Earth provides enough to satisfy everybody's need but not everybody's greed
The Inherent vice of Capitalism is unequal sharing of blessings and the inherent virtue of Socialism is equal sharing of misery  
Gender Imbalance would lead to Third World War
Economic growth without environmental damage – a mirage or a reality
India has one of the largest pools of talented manpower, but few innovations and patented products
More than one billion Indians: A gigantic problem or a sea of opportunities
Asked at the age of 83, as to which of his project would he choose as his master piece, Frank Lloyd Wright, the architect answered, "The next one"
To give real service, one needs to add something that cannot be bought or measured, like sincerity and integrity

 10 Important Essay Topics for XAT 2020
On any essay topic in XAT 2020 the writing of essay will be like a long paragraph of not more than 200 words on computer screen. So, one of the XAT essay writing tips by the experts is to make sure whatever you write is meaningful and is non repetitive in content. The probable essay topics in XAT 2020 are:

  1. Unity in Diversity is more relevant now in India
  2. Blues of Demonetization still haunt the economic growth
  3. Unless Agriculture is practiced as business, it will not improve the face of Rural India
  4. Sensitivity of Sensex has nothing to do with economic growth
  5. Society bears the burn of terrorism which has no religion
  6. Democracy will lose meaning without social activism
  7. GST is no magic band to push faster economic growth
  8. Home buyers remain homeless, no teeth given to RERA
  9. Making business lobbying legal can reduce corruption
  10. Political interests and Uniform civil code cannot go hand in hand    
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5 XAT Essay Writing Skills you need

  1. Subject knowledge
  2. Clarity of thought
  3. Flow of ideas
  4. Examples based on facts   
  5. Correct usage of Grammar & Vocabulary

10 XAT Essay Writing Tips

XAT 2020 Essay Writing Tips include your flow of writing, grammatically correct writing, making meaningful sentences in easy and coherent language apart from subject knowledge. The important XAT 2020 essay writing tips are:  

  1. Make sure to write in paragraphs
  2. Each paragraph should express different idea that contributes to the main idea
  3. Paragraph should contain - (i)  Topic Sentence: it is the 1st sentence expressing the main idea of the paragraph- Say what you are going to say; (ii)  Supporting Sentences: they expand the main idea expressed in the topic sentence; (iii) Concluding Sentence: rounding off what has been said or a logical conclusion of the idea in the topic sentence
  4. Flow of paragraphs is must with words used with precise meanings without ambiguity
  5. The first paragraph should be an introduction to the subject matter
  6. Expansion/ support/ refutation of the idea must follow in subsequent paragraphs
  7. The last paragraph must have a conclusion of the main idea
  8. You can choose either Deductive or Inductive form of essay writing
  9. Read the directions carefully and focus on the issue rather than peripheries
  10. Recognize action words- analyse, discuss, evaluate, argue, comment  

 5 Important don’ts for XAT Essay Writing: Key Tips

  1. Do not use Jargon or Slang
  2. Do not use Cliché
  3. Do not use Abbreviations
  4. Do not use Quotations without acknowledgments
  5. Make tentative statements; avoid definitive statements- it leaves a scope for further discussion

How to improve Essay Writing skill in XAT: 5 Preparation tips

  1. Regularly read Newspaper editorials
  2. Read Top articles in News papers
  3. Check and read News websites
  4. Read Non-fiction
  5. Indulge in meaningful discussions with friends and family

Solved XAT Essay topic

XAT essay topic which appeared in XAT exam in 2017 is also an important essay topic. Although the XAT essay topic ‘Globalization and Jingoism always coexist’ appears an abstract Essay topic, in fact it is a current affairs topic for essay writing. The importance of this essay topic can be understood by the fact that it has gained international relevance post the United States’ President elections. The solved XAT essay topics is shared below:


Solved topic: Globalization and Jingoism always coexist
The last decade of 20th century began with the concept of Globalization especially the developing economies taking steps to leap from Jingoism – the too aggressive protectionism at national level to spread wings in order to reap benefits of competitive Global markets.


The move of Globalization has been viewed as the step taken to bring the world closer, get the benefits of advanced economies, make the economy of the home country grow on the lines of Global growth, know and spread the culture of one another. However, since Globalization without the touch and feel of domestic requirements will lose the relevance at national level, both the concepts have coexisted and will continue to co-exist.


Globalization: Concept is not new

Globalization is the new name for Laissez-faire – a French term that came up in 17th century calling for minimum Government intervention and allowing free movement of goods and services offering healthy competition to the local economy to enable it to improve its quality and standard.


Given the fact that many countries which remained under the control of foreign powers for hundreds of years and could not compete Globally after they were freed and apart from the moving on the path of growth in accordance with Global trends, they had to protect their home industries by imposing import restrictions, high tariffs, custom restrictions, quotas on certain imported goods to protect and enable home industries to grow. To inculcate the feeling of nationalism the use of domestic made products has been promoted.


Thus, the Globalization with Jingoism has continued to co-exist for centuries to help the under developed countries to become developed and become one of the strong economies with high per capita income in the world.


Earlier the developed economies like United Kingdom, United States of America and other countries also aggressively practiced Globalization with jingoism but placed no tough restriction on employment to the skilled technical personnel and other human resources coming for employment from other countries. The outsourcing of services in low per capita income countries was also freely permitted to increase profit margin in home countries.


No restriction on imports, exports of goods and services by the developed countries like USA was imposed earlier. 


Quite recently, Jingoism-the national patriotism to somewhat extreme level has again started overpowering the Globalization even in developed countries. This could also result in isolation due to too much protectionism. 


More Developed countries practicing Jingoism
Recently elected President of America Mr Donald Trump has fuelled the Jingoism more while announcing number of restrictions on free import of various goods, issuing the Visa to foreign nationals and foreign skilled professionals coming for employment in USA.


USA has recently announced a hefty increase in import tariff on Aluminium and steel. The Jingoist action has been criticized by Europe, China and World Trade Organization alike and is viewed as a step to stop spread of Globalization. Any counter reaction by Europe on other imports from USA may become a deterrent on spread of Global Trade that could become prosperity.


Similarly, the President of USA has put the arrival of professionals from certain Islamic countries under a tough scan by announcing certain restrictions. This has irked the targeted Islamic countries. But on the similar grounds US President has also announced liberal aids to many countries and has stopped the major chunk of aid to the countries like Pakistan who give shelter to the terrorists. This move is appreciated worldwide as the spread of Global Trade is not possible without elimination of fear of terrorism.


Brexit is another example of Jingoism to protect home economy against Globalization. Brexit refers to the Britain moving out of the European Union with the objective to put a check on immigration by tightening its visa norms deviating from the European Union norms.


No going back: Co-existence is easier now
Internet, Social media, easy Global movements, have made it easier to get in touch any part of the world, buy any product from any part of the world, move and set up a business abroad.


This has given rise to Global networking and views are instantly expressed on any Global happening or event. It has also become possible to promote the native product, culture and make it more prominent while competing with cultures and practices of other countries. It however depends how well both are practiced and not taken to either of the two extremes on Globalization or Jingoism.


Fear of loss giving rise to Jingoism
Countries are opening up now. More people study and search employment in foreign countries than earlier. Many of them migrate to other countries for good and settle there. This has given rise to the fear among the natives that their jobs might be taken away as people are coming at lower remuneration, outsourcing by industries in low cost countries could result in loss of employment in home country and so on.


However, since it is the Globalization that is spreading business, it is very much possible that with the expansion of trade, home country will reap more benefits resulting in more employment for natives in the expansion phase.


The fear of losing the native culture, indigenous arts, cottage industry among others also give rise to Jingoism, making it a hindrance in spread of Globalization.


Thus, with the greater Globalization, more fear of loss will be there giving rise to more Jingoism. Hence, both will coexist unless the countries become confined to isolated homes without making any Global trade which is not possible for the future of world economy.


It is now for the country, understanding among the people how they keep a balance between Globalization and Jingoism.


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