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July 13, 2020

MAT 2020 May exam result is scheduled in the third week of July 2020. The exam was postponed to the month of June 2020 due to corona virus outbreak and country wide lock down. AIMA has conducted Internet based remote proctored test (IBT) from May 25 to July 5, 2020 from the convenience of candidate's home instead of paper based and computer based exams. The PBT and CBT MAT exams have been postponed indefinitely.  Earlier MAT exam dates were May 16, 2020 for Paper based MAT, and May 3, 2020 for Computer based MAT exam. After taking MAT 2020 exams, candidates are anxious to know their MAT percentile and the process how to arrive at the accurate MAT percentile calculation.


Best Percentile Calculator: Check Below
The best percentile predictor should give you the nearest MAT percentile calculation so that you may decide whether you would be shortlisted by the preferred MBA college for MBA admission 2020 based on your MAT 2020 predictions of your percentile score.


More than 600 MBA colleges including 300+ MBA colleges in Maharashtra will accept MAT exam score for MBA admission 2020 for all India category candidates. Accordingly, the best MAT percentile predictor has been prepared by,  on the basis of MAT exam difficulty level and past trends in percentile calculation in MAT. 

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The help is at hand with the MAT percentile predictor available at  For the benefit of MAT aspirants, has launched ‘MAT 2020 Percentile Predictor’ prepared by experts to help you judge your performance and your chances to get shortlisted by highly ranked MBA colleges as per their expected cut offs. In the past more than 25,000 MAT takers have used this MAT percentile predictor to get the accurate assessment of their performance in MAT exam.  


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How does the MAT percentile predictor work? 
AIMA, the MAT exam conducting authority, will declare the MAT result alongwith your MAT 2020 Percentile based on three parameters: Total number of candidates appeared in MAT 2020 exam, your performance relative to your peers; Difficulty level in MAT paper based and computer based exams.


Based on this principle, the MAT Percentile Predictor 2020 prepared by works to help you know about MAT 2020 score and percentile you are likely to get. The more accurate you are in understanding your total number of attempts and correct answers for each of the MAT exam sections, the nearer you are to predict your MAT percentile.


How to use MAT Percentile Predictor & Get Accurate Percentile
The guidelines to get the best and accurate MAT percentile predictions are shared below:


Assess Your MAT Performance: To get the accurate MAT Percentile Calculation through MAT 2020 percentile predictor, the best way is to use it immediately after your MAT exam is over and before your memory begins to fade


Check Your Performance Level with Correct Inputs: You are required to enter your section wise attempts as well as the correct answers for the attempted questions separately in Language Comprehension, Intelligence & Critical Reasoning; Data Analysis and Sufficiency; Mathematical skills and Indian and Global Environment.


It may be noted that the score of Indian & Global Environment section is not counted for percentile calculation, therefore the MAT 2020 percentile predictor uses the score of four sections only to arrive at the MAT percentile predictions. Please note the more accurate you are, the nearer is the MAT percentile prediction


Review Your MAT 2020 Performance: Section wise percentile prediction in MAT 2020 is more important than only overall percentile to know your chances of shortlisting by the MBA colleges accepting MAT. It is not suffice to gauge only your overall performance in MAT 2020. The accurate inputs in the percentile predictor format will let you know where you stand and how much are your chances to get shortlisted by the B-school of your choice. 


Format for MAT 2020 Percentile Predictor
The format to input data in MAT 2020 percentile predictor for your MAT 2020 performance is shared below. Make sure that you enter the correct data. For example, if there are 40 total questions in Mathematical Skills section, your attempts for all the questions should not exceed the number of questions for the section:

Section Name
Total Questions
Number of Questions Attempted
Number of Correct Answers
Language Comprehension
Intelligence and Critical Reasoning
Data Analysis and Sufficiency
Mathematical Skills

Note: 40 questions of Indian and Global Environment section will not be counted for MAT percentile calculation 2020


Please note that depending upon the increase/decrease in number of candidates, their relative performance in the exam, the percentile calculation result through the MAT percentile predictor 2020 may change as also happens before final MAT result is declared 


Apart from a high MAT 2020 Percentile, you need a balanced sectional percentile in MAT 2020 as it is the basic criterion to remain eligible for shortlisting by good B-schools.


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