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Updated on
February 14, 2023

CMAT 2023 Exam is expected in the last week of March 2023, NTA will announce the CMAT exam date soon. CMAT 2023 is a computer based test divided in five sections. CMAT Mock Test 2023 is the best preparation tool that can help CMAT exam test takers to score well. To help CMAT Aspirants, Experts at have prepared many CMAT Mock Tests with different difficulty level based on the latest CMAT Exam Pattern. Answer Keys and Solutions for each CMAT Mock Test 2023 is also available. So check your readiness now for CMAT Exam! 

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Take Free CMAT Mock Test Online on
On this page, you can take all CMAT Mock Test Online Free. These are all free online CMAT Mock Tests. Click on CMAT Mock Test 2023 link below and your test will start after a simple registration process. You can start answering question by question. At the end of your CMAT Mock Test 2023 you will get your Score and also the Right Answers. This is the recommended way to use Free Online CMAT Mock Test Papers on, as you will get used to online test/computer-based CMAT test.


Important CMAT Exam Resources on
Before you get busy with taking the CMAT Mock test, remember that has got all the important information and tools like CMAT Exam Pattern, CMAT Preparation, MBA Colleges accepting CMAT scores to help your exam preparation.


Attempt CMAT Mock Test 2023 with Different LoDs
To help you prepare with ease, we have many CMAT Mock Tests available on The difficulty level in the Test paper rises after you go on attempting them one by one. For example, the level of difficulty in CMAT Mock Test 1 is kept easier followed by Mock 2 with slightly higher difficulty level and finally Mock 3 and Mock 4 are with greater difficulty level. More Mock Tests will be added soon.

cmat sample paper

CMAT Exam 2022 Logical Reasoning Sample Question Paper With Answers - Download Now
CMAT Exam 2022 Quantitative Techniques and DI Sample Question Paper With Answers - Download Now


CMAT Mock Test 2023: Important Instructions for taking Mock Test Online 

  • Type of Questions: CMAT is an objective type test with Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs).
  • Total Questions: CMAT Mock 2023 Paper consists of 100 Questions.
  • Total Sections: The CMAT Mock 2023 is divided in 4 sections with 25 questions in each section.
  • Actual CMAT Question Paper: CMAT actual paper has 100 questions divided in 5 sections
  • Total Duration: Exam should be solved in 3 hours. There is no Individual time limit for any section. Candidates can move from one section to other within overall time limit in the CMAT exam duration
  • How to access CMAT Mock Test 2023?: Click on CMAT Mock Test 2023 link and attempt the Mock after free registration  

The five Sections in CMAT 2023 question paper with number of questions and maximum scoring chances are as under:

CMAT 2023 Exam Sections
Number of Questions
Maximum Marks Section-wise
Language Comprehension  
Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation
Logical Reasoning
General Awareness
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Total: Sections-5

How to answer question in CMAT Mock Test 2023?

  • You have to choose the correct answer option out of the multiple choices given below the question
  • Click on the correct answer option
  • Time duration to complete the CMAT exam is 3 hours
  • Each correct answer is awarded +4 Marks
  • Each wrong answer is penalized with - 1 negative mark

It is very important that the candidates preparing for CMAT exam should practice CMAT Mock tests of different difficulty level right from beginning – both section wise and full length Mocks. CMAT question papers are the CMAT question bank for the CMAT 2022 exam. CMAT question papers, CMAT 2023 Mock Tests, CMAT Sample papers and CMAT previous question papers help you to understand the right pattern of questions expected in CMAT exam and the strategy to crack it. CMAT 2023 Mock tests are prepared with updated CMAT question paper, CMAT sample papers based on the CMAT previous years question papers and the expected key changes in CMAT 2023 exam questions.

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Expected Type of CMAT Questions with Solution
For the benefit of serious MBA aspirants like yourself,, India’s leading MBA aspirants website is happy to share expected type of questions, answers & Expert Solutions to CMAT Mock tests. This will help you in predicting your CMAT 2023 Percentile. Follow the instructions and directions as given in the test questions

cmat previous question paper

CMAT Mock Test 2023 -1    

  • CMAT 2023 Mock Test-1 has low difficulty level
  • The CMAT Mock is based on CMAT exam pattern
  • It consists of 100 MCQs divided in 4 sections
  • Each question including RC passages have been carefully selected
  • Candidates can answer the questions with ease
  • After completion of the Mock Test, you can check your score

Take CMAT Mock-1


CMAT Mock Test 2023 -2

  • This is CMAT Mock test with moderate to high difficulty level
  • The CMAT Mock question paper is full length and is divided in test sections as specified in CMAT exam
  • You can check you CMAT score after attempting the complete CMAT Mock test

Take CMAT Mock Test Paper -2


CMAT Mock Test 2023 -3

  • This CMAT Mock test has higher difficulty level
  • The CMAT Sample paper is on the lines of current CMAT paper pattern
  • The Sample paper 2023 consists of 100 questions divided in 4 sections
  • The CMAT sample paper consists of questions on the pattern expected in CMAT exam 2023
  • On completion of all the sections in this CMAT sample paper, you can check your scores with correct answers to the questions as appeared in CMAT Mock test-3

Take CMAT Mock Test Paper-3


CMAT Mock Test Paper: As per Actual CMAT Exam
In the revised pattern, each of the 5 sections in CMAT question paper will have 20 questions, however, the mock test is prepared with 25 questions in each of the 4 sections, making it a total of 100 questions in MCQ format to be solved in 3 hours. On the similar pattern all the CMAT Mock tests have been prepared for CMAT 2023 exam takers.


The candidates can move from one section to other within overall time limit in the actual CMAT exam, the similar facility has been provided while attempting free CMAT Mocks 2023.


Difficulty Level in actual CMAT Exam
Although CMAT Syllabus contains all the topics on which questions are asked in other MBA entrance exams also, CMAT question papers and the CMAT Mocks pattern reveal that CMAT Exam does not throw tough questions. 


CMAT Test Paper: Syllabus
CMAT Exam is further sub-divided making it an exam with 7 effective sections. The CMAT 2023 Mock tests are prepared taking into account this fact. Here are the key details:

  1. The section-1 in CMAT exam on Language Comprehension is divided into two parts - Verbal Ability  and Reading Comprehension.
  2. Section-2 on Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretationalso consists of two parts with Mathematics and Data Interpretation questions.
  3. The section-3 in CMAT exam consists of Logical Reasoning which has questions on various topics of Logical Reasoning.
  4. Section-4 in CMAT exam is the General Awareness (GK) Section which covers current affairs, static GK, Business & Economy, International current affairs, Who’s Who, Constitution of India, United Nations Organization among other key topics.

Read Full CMAT Syllabus


NTA CMAT 2023 Sample Test
NTA CMAT 2023 Sample Test which is CMAT 2023 official trial test to guide about the CMAT question paper 2023 may be released by NTA sometime before the exam. Official CMAT Mock Test Dates are announced by NTA on its website. Since CMAT 2023 will be held in April 2022, the NTA-CMAT 2023 question bank will help the CMAT 2023 test takers to know the test pattern, importance changes in the CMAT question pattern and how to practice and prepare for CMAT 2023. The CMAT 2023 actual test will be based on CMAT question paper officially released by National Testing Agency (NTA) the CMAT 2023 conducting authority.  

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