CMAT Syllabus 2023: Check Section Wise Syllabus, Download Free PDF


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Updated on
June 21, 2022

CMAT Syllabus 2023: Check Detailed Syllabus; Section wise topics in Revised Syllabus

CMAT 2022 Exam is scheduled in last week of February 2023 with a revised syllabus after addition of 5th  section on ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ and reduced number of questions in each section. The CMAT syllabus for 5th section will be taken into account in merit calculation to determine the rank of the test takers. Shared below is the complete syllabus and type of questions that CMAT 2023 test takers should prepare for the exam.


CMAT exam offers MBA/PGDM admission opportunity in 1000+ AICTE approved Management Institutes. CMAT syllabus 2023 is revised with the introduction of 5th section on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. However, total number of questions despite increase in number of CMAT exam sections, are reduced to 100 from earlier 125 in 2021. Now there are five sections in CMAT Exam with 100 questions instead of earlier 125 questions.


The syllabus for each of the five CMAT exam sections is at par with other top MBA entrance tests. However, the exam syllabus has not been strictly pre-defined by AICTE or the National Testing Agency (NTA) which will conduct CMAT exam 2023. The CMAT syllabus covers all the important topics on which questions are formed in each section. CMAT Syllabus 2023 for CMAT exam to be held by NTA, contains the expected topics on which questions would be asked in CMAT 2023 exam. Although National Testing Agency (NTA) has not officially released the CMAT syllabus 2023 document, the CMAT syllabus 2023 PDF free download as prepared by India’s top CMAT experts and past CMAT toppers is available now.  


To know the overall CMAT 2023 syllabus, you should be aware about the revised CMAT exam pattern, sectional composition of CMAT exam and the sectional weightage of each section in CMAT exam. 

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  CMAT 2023 Test Pattern: Sectional Composition
The five Sections in CMAT 2023 with number of questions and maximum scoring chances are as under:

CMAT 2023 Exam Sections
Number of Questions
Maximum Marks Section-wise
Language Comprehension  
Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation
Logical Reasoning
General Awareness
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Total: Sections-5

cmat syllabus

What is Innovation and Entrepreneurship in CMAT Syllabus 2023?

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship is recently included 5th Section in CMAT exam syllabus
  • This section was included as optional section in CMAT 2021 with 25 questions and additional time limit of 30 minutes
  • CMAT Syllabus 2023 on Innovation and Entrepreneurship section consists of questions on Business & Economy, Latest Who’s Who, Comprehension passages among others. Check detailed syllabus below
  • In CMAT 2023 this section on Innovation and Entrepreneurship has been made a compulsory section with reduced number of 20 questions.
  • Total number of questions in CMAT 2023 syllabus are reduced to 100 with each of the 5 sections having 20 questions of MCQ type instead of 125 questions
  • Total CMAT exam 2023 time duration including the 5th section is reduced to 3 hours as compared to 3½ hours in CMAT 2021

CMAT 2023 Syllabus: Key Changes in Question Paper
AICTE has announced following important changes in CMAT Exam Syllabus & Pattern 2023 as from previous years:

CMAT 2023 & 2022 Exam
CMAT 2021 Exam
5 Section Exam
Both 4 & 5 Section Exam
Compulsory 5th Section on Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Optional 5th Section on Innovation & Entrepreneurship
CMAT Time Duration Reduced & Fixed to 3 Hours
Option to attempt CMAT in Time duration of 3 hours or 3½ Hours
Total Questions Reduced to 100
Total Questions were 125 (Option to attempt 100 or 125 questions)
No additional time for 5th Section
30 Minutes additional time for 5th section
5th section Score counted for Percentile calculation to prepare merit list
5th section Score Not counted for Percentile calculation to prepare merit list
20 Questions in Each of the five Sections
25 Questions in Each of the five Sections
No sectional time limit and candidates can attempt any question in any section within time limit of 3 hours  
No sectional time limit and candidates can attempt any question in any section within time limit of 3½ hours   
Candidates need not apply for the new course of  Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Candidates had to apply for the new course of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Number of CMAT Test cities are 124
Number of CMAT exam cities were 109

 CMAT 2023 Syllabus
The updated CMAT 2023 syllabus can help you improve your CMAT preparation as per the current CMAT pattern. It contains the existing and expected topics alongwith the type of questions expected in CMAT exam.  


Key features of CMAT 2023 Syllabus

  • CMAT Syllabus is divided into five sections – Language Comprehension; Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation; Logical Reasoning; General Awareness and Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Each of the five sections in CMAT syllabus has equal weightage of 20% with 20 questions
  • The CMAT is not a high difficulty level exam
  • The topics in CMAT syllabus on which Questions are asked are simple and straight and are not twisted
  • CMAT Exam Syllabus PDF Free Download is available at a click of button

CMAT Syllabus: Composition
Here is the updated CMAT syllabus for all the sections of CMAT. The CMAT 2023 exam syllabus includes some forgotton topics which may appear again in CMAT exam 


Sectional Sub-division of CMAT 2023 Syllabus
CMAT syllabus 2023 is further subdivided. This sectional sub-division in CMAT syllabus makes CMAT 2023 as an exam with six effective sections.


Section Wise CMAT Syllabus
CMAT Syllabus 2023 containing all the sections is shared below:


Section-1: CMAT Syllabus on Language Comprehension
CMAT defines its Verbal Ability section as Language Comprehension. It covers comprehensive English test which includes the test of grammar, tenses, vocabulary, jumbled paragraphs and reading comprehension. 

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 Key topics in CMAT Syllabus are

  • Usage of Articles
  • Non-finites
  • Dangling Modifiers
  • Usage on Nouns & Pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions –regular and followed, Verbs, Syntax, Subject-verb Agreement, Simple, continuous, Perfect tenses and Conditional-unreal past.
  • Jumbled paragraphs​

RC Passages|
CMAT gives you shorter RC passages of 500-600 words. The passages are not very difficult passages. There is no fix rule on framing the questions based on Reading comprehension passage, which is followed by at least 4-5 questions each.


Questions could be any of following types:

  • Questions based on inference drawn
  • Questions based on the Central idea of the passage
  • Questions based on phrases, idioms
  • Questions based on expression in the passage.

Section-2: CMAT Syllabus on Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation 
Questions in this section are usually single and are not based on sets. Major topics are:


Quantitative Techniques

  • Arithmetic-Ratio, mixtures, work, average, percentage, Time & speed, Profit and loss, interest, basic statistics
  • Number properties
  • Probability
  • Counting principles
  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Derivatives ( Maxima-Minima)​

Data Interpretation

  • Table and pie chart
  • Bar diagrams and graphs
  • Charts​

Section-3: CMAT Syllabus on Logical Reasoning
The section is a mix of the topics from arrangements like linear, seating, sequencing & arranging with conditions to coding.


Major Topics in the Logical Reasoning Syllabus for CMAT are:

  • Statement-conclusion
  • Logical puzzle,
  • Numerical puzzle
  • Venn Diagram
  • True/false statements
  • Visual Reasoning​

Section-4: CMAT Syllabus on General awareness
This section in CMAT Syllabus can be divided into three parts and each part has to be given due weightage. 

  • Conventional GK-available in books
  • Current GK- based on current reading of newspapers and periodicals; 
  • Business & Economics GK -for example changes in Fiscal and monetary policy, CRR, Repo Rate,
  • Devaluation and up valuation of Rupee.  
  • Business, National and International events
  • Who’s who
  • Constitutional of India,
  • Currency and Capitals of the countries
  • States of India
  • International Organizations
  • Monetary and fiscal tools
  • Emblem
  • Identification of personalities, companies among others.​

Section-5: CMAT Syllabus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
The recently included new section in CMAT exam on Innovation and Entrepreneurship with 20 questions, covers comprehensive test on your knowledge regarding Innovative business practices, Government plans and policies, global entrepreneurs and personalities among others.


cmat previous question paper

Key topics in CMAT Syllabus on Innovation & Entrepreneurship are

  • Government Publications, Policies and Practices on Innovation and Entrepreneurship for example who publishes Economic Survey of India; Publication of Gazettes; Process to Sell off the Assets of Bankrupt firm
  • Launch of New Business Ventures with New Ideas like –Who launched the first live Payments Bank in India; Who launched Paytm, Ru Pay, UPI App based Tez, etc.
  • Terminology-like Boot strapping, Auctioner, Liquidator, Mixed Economy, Tenacity, Neuroticism, Evironmental Scanning, Innovation Management, Start Ups, Overtrading, Different among Prioprietor, Partnership, Private Ltd firms and companies; Marketable Product, Patent, Trade Mark, Break Even Point
  • Latest Who’s Who, Places, Books in News: For example – Which City in India is ranked as one of the five fastest growing start up cities in the world;  Title of Biography of JRD Tata; Which country is ranked no.1 in ease of doing business in last 5 years
  • Process and Stages to Start Entrepreneurship Venture: You are supposed to know basics about the process like business viability; developing business plan; Key areas that help to understand feasibility of business
  • Comprehension Passage followed by Bunch of Questions: This key part of syllabus in this section is the Comprehension passage with 600-700 words, on any business or economy topic especially on entrepreneurship, innovation business plan or others. There is one passage which is followed by 10-12 questions on phrases used in passage, Statement & Arguments, true false, inferences from the passage, fill in the blanks among other type of questions

CMAT 2023 Syllabus PDF
CMAT Syllabus PDF is very wide with many topics getting added or deleted every year. It goes on changing with each CMAT exam. The updated CMAT 2023 syllabus PDF can help you boost your CMAT preparation as per the current CMAT pattern. The CMAT 2023 Syllabus PDF free download is available online. The CMAT syllabus 2023 PDF is based on past paper pattern, test contents and topics on each of the five sections of the exam. Although the CMAT 2023 will be on past exam pattern, some changes in CMAT syllabus PDF are brought about as per the revised CMAT exam pattern.   


CMAT Exam 2023: Moderate Difficulty Level Exam
CMAT exam syllabus despite covering all the important topics has a moderate difficulty level. CMAT 2023 exam syllabus covers all of the five sections with key changes in the topics and question contents. Read More about CMAT Exam Pattern


How to Cover Complete CMAT 2023 Syllabus
CMAT Exam syllabus is based on past CMAT exams and types of questions that appear in the CMAT exam. The best way to get hands-on feel and practice on CMAT question topics covered in CMAT syllabus, is to go through the previous CMAT exam papers and attempt CMAT Mock tests. To give you a complete understanding of CMAT syllabus, experts at have prepared CMAT Mocks which can guide you with the right type of questions covered in CMAT exam syllabus. Read More about CMAT Mock Tests


Remember: No CMAT preparation without CMAT Syllabus
The fact is that you will find it difficult to proceed with CMAT preparation even if you have all the CMAT preparation material, unless you know the CMAT exam syllabus. CMAT MBA exam syllabus is much wider than one can anticipate. CMAT syllabus does not leave any study topic untouched. The glimpses of CMAT syllabus 2023 for MBA admission 2023 is a testimony to this fact.


If you go through the CMAT exam syllabus, it will help you to decide when to begin CMAT preparation? How to prepare for CMAT 2023? What important topics covered in CMAT syllabus need your focused attention in CMAT preparation and so on so forth.


Going by the past trends and past CMAT exam pattern, CMAT complete syllabus for each section of Management Aptitude Test (MAT) has been shared above to help the CMAT 2022 aspirants in CMAT  preparation in accordance with the CMAT 2023 exam syllabus.  


Important Points about CMAT Exam Syllabus

  • CMAT 2023 exam syllabus is based on the mentioned guidelines and current structure of CMAT exam.
  • CMAT Exam Syllabus has never had any boundaries and this fact also applies to define the CMAT 2023 exam syllabus. 
  • CMAT 2023 exam syllabus is based on recent trends in CMAT exams and putting it the right way, the CMAT syllabus is the outcome of the topics which have earlier appeared in CMAT exam although the type of questions, their composition, format and number may change in each subsequent CMAT exam.
  • CMAT exam Syllabus covers all the major topics on these three test sections which are further divided into sub-sections.
  • The key point in CMAT exam syllabus 2023 is that there is no repetition of CMAT questions in any CMAT exam although difficulty level of the questions in CMAT exam would not go out of CMAT exam syllabus. 
  • Once you know about the details and pattern of CMAT Exam 2023, your next step for CMAT preparation is to go through and duly scan the CMAT exam Syllabus.
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