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Updated on
July 23, 2021

CMAT Preparation for CMAT 2022 exam, likely scheduled on February 22, 2022 must be started well in advance as per the revised CMAT exam pattern. CMAT 2022 will be conducted by NTA and not by AICTE.


Since CMAT remains an online computer based test for MBA/PGDM admission in 1000+ AICTE approved MBA colleges in India. The CMAT past test paper is also released by NTA to help candidates to prepare for the exam. Apart from NTA, AICTE and MHRD Government of India are also authorized to release the CMAT previous test papers with answer keys. Past trends in CMAT exam reveal that CMAT 2021 exam preparation can be synchronized with other MBA entrance exams also as the test sections are more or less same.


Although the National Testing Agency (NTA) has announced that CMAT 2022 will not be much different from last year CMAT and earlier CMAT exams, many changes in CMAT exam were introduced last year. So before you proceed with your CMAT exam preparation plan, it will be better to understand the important changes in CMAT exam structure.   

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CMAT 2022 Test Structure: 10 Important Changes
AICTE has announced following important changes in CMAT Exam Pattern 2022:

  1. An additional section on Innovation & Entrepreneurship added in CMAT exam 2022
  2. New section will have 25 questions
  3. New section is optional and is not mandatory for all the candidates to attempt it. Only the candidates interested in this course need to attempt this section
  4. Additional time of 30 minutes will be given to attempt the 25 questions in new section
  5. Total questions in CMAT question paper 2022 increased to 125 from earlier 100
  6. There are 5 sections in CMAT 2022 instead of earlier 4 sections
  7. Each of the five sections will have equal number of 25 questions
  8. There is no sectional time limit and candidates can attempt any question in any section within time limit of 3½ hours 
  9. Only the Candidates who have opted for 5th section need to attempt it others are not required to attempt the 5th section. So the CMAT exam duration for the candidates who opt for 5th section is 3½ hours and for others it is 3 hours
  10. Scores of only first four sections will be taken into account to calculate the CMAT percentile and Merit position. The 5th and option section is not counted for percentile calculation

Let us understand which MBA colleges to target with CMAT preparation 2022; how to prepare for CMAT 2022 and what should be study plan for CMAT preparation


CMAT Preparation 2022: Target Top MBA colleges
CMAT 2022 preparation should have a clear goal of getting admission in one of the top CMAT score accepting MBA colleges like JBIMS Mumbai, SIMSREE Mumbai, K J Somaiya Mumbai, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai/Gurgaon, PUMBA Pune, GIM Goa, IFMR Chennai, IMT Nagpur, BIMTECH Greater Noida (Specialized Programmes), Welingkar, Mumbai, N L Dalmia Mumbai among others. 

MBA/PGDM Admissions 2022 Open | Apply Now
IMI New Delhi Admissions 2022 Last date Dec 13
LBSIM Delhi PGDM Admission 2022

CMAT Exam Preparation 2022: Two Important Things
CMAT 2022 preparation strategy or the question how to prepare for CMAT exam over the years is answered on the basis of  2 important things – CMAT previous years test papers and the anticipated CMAT exam pattern. Therefore, the CMAT exam Preparation is not very difficult as the basics of CMAT question paper have remained unchanged. In view of the experts and past CMAT exam toppers, the preparation for CMAT exam must be well defined. A key component in CMAT 2022 preparation strategy is your CMAT preparation time.


How to Prepare for CMAT 2022? Step by Step Planning
How to prepare for CMAT 2022 is not a big question as the preparation pattern can be kept same on the basis of previous year exam pattern and syllabus. CMAT exam is divided into four & five sections as per your choice of courses, and the CMAT preparation strategy needs equal focus on all these core sections which have equal weightage. Accordingly, your CMAT exam Preparation should be focused on following key points:

  • When and How to prepare for CMAT
  • Which are the CMAT Preparation Books
  • What CMAT preparation material is available apart from the books
  • CMAT  Preparation Tips by CMAT Toppers
  • Whether to Prepare with CMAT Coaching or Self prepare - which is better
  • CMAT Preparation Online
  • Strategy - how to crack CMAT 2022 Exam with High score   

CMAT Exam Preparation Time: An Important Factor
As the CMAT preparation time goes on reducing month after month with every passing day, you need to revisit your CMAT preparation strategy and synchronise it with remaining CMAT preparation Time. CMAT preparation tips by toppers who suggest ‘How to prepare for CMAT in 3 months’; ‘How to prepare for CMAT in 2 months’ and so on, are more relevant as the CMAT exam preparation time is getting shorter with each passing day now.


CMAT Coaching or CMAT Preparation at Home
After synchronizing the CMAT preparation time, you need to find out whether to go for CMAT coaching or prepare for CMAT at home. One of the important CMAT exam preparation tips for beginners is to come out of this dilemma of moving between CMAT coaching and CMAT preparation at home after analyzing following points:


1. Carefully Choose Coaching: If you wish to prepare with CMAT Coaching, it is important to find out the best coaching for CMAT exam. Even the best coaching for CMAT exam may have its draw backs in regard to imparting CMAT coaching on certain topics. So along with your preparation through the best CMAT coaching, you should find out an individual best expert coach for CMAT preparation for the topics that need your greater attention.


2. Plan your Self Preparation: If you wish to self-prepare for CMAT, you need to understand first how to prepare for CMAT exam at home with the help of right books for CMAT preparation 2022 and other appropriate CMAT preparation material. So instead of getting involved into CMAT exam coaching, CMAT preparation with best books for CMAT Test recommended by toppers, like CMAT preparation books by Arun Sharma, CMAT exam book by Nishit Sinha, abundantly available good CMAT preparation material, CMAT Study material online, freely available CMAT preparation online facility, CMAT exam Quiz 2022, CMAT Mock test 2022 that can hone your CMAT preparation and make you aware how to prepare for CMAT without coaching are the best tools for CMAT preparation.


CMAT Preparation Tips
Accordingly, the key CMAT 2022 Preparation tips which will guide you how to start CMAT preparation at home as per the revised CMAT exam pattern, are focused on following points when you start your CMAT 2022 exam preparation:

  1. CMAT Exam Pattern: You must be aware about the Changed CMAT 2022 exam pattern
  2. CMAT 2022 Syllabus
  3. CMAT Preparation Time
  4. How to start CMAT preparation at home?
  5. How to prepare for CMAT in 6 months?
  6. How to prepare for CMAT in 3 months?
  7. How to prepare for CMAT in 2 months?
  8. How to prepare for CMAT without coaching and with self study?
  9. Books for CMAT preparation
  10.  CMAT Preparation with Coaching
  11. CMAT Mock Test 
  12. Strategy to score 95+ percentile in CMAT 2022

CMAT Exam Pattern
NTA has revised the CMAT exam Pattern. Key facts are

  • CMAT 2022 is computer based and there is no paper based CMAT exam
  • CMAT will be a 3 hrs and 3½ hours duration exam depending upon your choice to attempt 4 or 5 sections
  • CMAT 2022 exam will be held in two shifts: Shift 1 from 9 AM to 12.30 Noon; Shift 2 from 3PM to 6.30PM
  • No test taker in CMAT 2022 will be disqualified even if he/she scores very low​

CMAT 2022 Exam: Key Highlights
CMAT 2022 exam, as shared by NTA will have 125 questions divided in five sections. The overall composition of CMAT 2022 test paper is as below: 

CMAT 2022 Details
CMAT 2022 Exam Date
February 22, 2022
CMAT 2022 Test Conducting Authority
National Testing Agency (NTA)
Total Questions in CMAT 2022 Exam
100/125 with option to attempt newly added 25 questions or go with 100 questions
CMAT 2022 Exam Duration
3 Hours for those who opt for 4 sections
3½  Hours for those who opt for 5 sections
CMAT 2022 Test slots (Morning & Evening available in 3 hrs or 3½ hrs duration for those who opt for 4 section exam or 5 section exam)
3 Hrs: Slot-1: 9AM to 12.00 Noon; Slot-2: 3PM to 6.00 PM
3½ Hrs: Slot-1: 9AM to 12.30 PM; Slot-2: 3PM to 6.30 PM 
Type of Questions
MCQs-Objective Type Multiple Choice Questions
Mode of CMAT 2022 Exam
Online Computer Based Test at exam centres
CMAT Scoring Pattern
+4 Marks for each correct answer
Total Maximum Marks in CMAT
400 or 500 as per the option exercised by the applicant
Negative Marking
-1 Mark for Each Wrong Answer

CMAT 2022 Exam: Sectional Composition
The five Sections in CMAT 2022 paper with number of questions and maximum scoring chances are as under:

CMAT 2022 Exam Sections
Number of Questions
Maximum Marks Section-wise
Language Comprehension  
Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation
Logical Reasoning
General Awareness
Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Optional Section)
Total: Sections-5 (Including optional section)

Read More on CMAT Exam Pattern 2021


CMAT 2022 Syllabus
Once you know about the CMAT Pattern 2022, your next step for CMAT preparation is to scan the CMAT exam Syllabus. In fact, CMAT Exam Syllabus has never had any boundaries and this fact also applies to define the CMAT 2022 exam syllabus.


The CMAT exam syllabus is the outcome of the topics which have earlier appeared in CMAT exam although the type of questions, their composition, format and number may change in each subsequent CMAT exam.


The key point in CMAT exam syllabus 2022 is that there is no repetition of CMAT questions in any CMAT exam although difficulty level of the questions in CMAT exam would not go out of CMAT exam syllabus.


CMAT 2022 exam Syllabus is not pre-defined by National Testing Agency (NTA) which conducts Common Management Admission Test (CMAT)  as Online exam nor the CMAT syllabus was outlined earlier also by the CMAT exam convening NTA.  

India’s Top MBA Entrance Exams: Check Dates, Pattern, Mocks, Registration Process…

CMAT 2022 exam syllabus is based on the mentioned guidelines and current structure of CMAT exam. Past tendencies reflect that CMAT exam syllabus and pattern overall tests the candidate on English Language & Reading Comprehension, Verbal Ability; Quantitative Techniques which include all the relevant topics on Mathematics with special emphasis on Arithmetic & Data Interpretation which includes Graphs, Tables, Charts to analyse, compare and interpret the data; Logical Reasoning which includes all type of questions on Reasoning; and Current Affairs which include all type of GK questions at national and international level.


CMAT exam Syllabus covers all the major topics on these four test sections which are further divided into sub-sections...Read More on CMAT Syllabus


No CMAT Preparation without CMAT Syllabus
The fact is that you will find it difficult to proceed with CMAT preparation even if you have all the CMAT exam preparation material, unless you know the CMAT exam syllabus. CMAT MBA exam syllabus is much wider than one can anticipate.


CMAT syllabus does not leave any study topic untouched. The glimpses of CMAT syllabus 2022 for MBA admission 2022 in AICTE approved MBA colleges is a testimony to this fact.


If you go through the CMAT exam syllabus, it will help you to decide when to begin CMAT preparation? How to prepare for CMAT 2022? What important topics covered in CMAT syllabus need your focused attention in CMAT preparation?


CMAT Preparation Time
What is the ideal CMAT preparation time that could ensure a high percentile score in CMAT exam? Although there is no thumb rule on it, CMAT toppers suggest the CMAT aspirants to remain steady and regular in their CMAT preparation and always think that CMAT exam is round the corner.


There is still good CMAT preparation time which if fruitfully used, can turn the table in your favour.


How to start CMAT preparation at home?
CMAT preparation should be started at home now without waiting any further. CMAT toppers studying at top AICTE approved CMAT score accepting colleges advise to start self-preparation at home without being dependent on any coaching. CMAT preparation tips to start CMAT preparation at home are:

  • Go through the revised CMAT exam pattern
  • Read thoroughly the CMAT syllabus 2022
  • Pick out your strong and weak areas in all the four sections
  • Gather the best books and preparation material for CMAT preparation
  • Improve on your weak areas and monitor the improvement regularly
  • Take as many CMAT Mocks during your CMAT 2022 preparation and do the analysis of each Mock. Without analysis of Mock, attempting a mock test may not be useful.
  • If you are weak in VARC, reading different articles and novels, conversing in English with friends and even watching English TV series and movies will be helpful.
  • Write down whatever new words you encounter after reading at least 5-6 newspaper articles every day
  • Data Interpretation (DI) is considered a bit more time consuming. Start practicing on DI questions. Use approximation techniques for quick calculations.

CMAT Exam Preparation Books
CMAT preparation books and CMAT preparation material online or offline play a major role in helping you score high in the CMAT exam. A few of the best books for CMAT preparation recommended by toppers to prepare for CMAT 2022 and other national level exams are:


CMAT Exam Preparation Books for Language Comprehension Section: VARC

  • How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT’- by Arun Sharma & Meenakshi Upadhyay
  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT’ - by Nishit K Sinha
  • Latest RC Passages and practice questions provided by Study centres like TIME, CL among others
  • Editorial and short articles published in English news papers
  • ‘Word Power Made Easy’ – by Norman Lewis
  • ‘High School English Grammar & Composition’ – by Wren & Martin
  • Regularly solve the Verbal Ability questions from your study material especially on Para summary, Jumbled Paragraphs
  • There is also number of CMAT preparation books PDF free download available online for CMAT 2022 aspirants
  • Use the study material of best online coaching for CMAT 2022

CMAT Preparation Books for Quantitative Techniques and DI

  • ‘How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for CAT’ - by Arun Sharma (Published by McGraw Hill)
  • ‘How to prepare for Quantitative for the CAT’ - by Arun Sharma, published by MGH Education
  • ‘Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT’ – by Nishit K.Sinha, Published by Pearson
  • ‘The Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude for competitive exams’
  • Quant study modules by TIME, CL, IMS

CMAT Preparation Books for Reasoning

  • ‘Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CAT’ - by Nishit K Sinha (Published by Pearson)
  • ‘How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for the CAT’ - by Arun Sharma (Published by McGraw Hill)

CMAT Preparation Books for Current Affairs (GK)
One of the important sections for CMAT preparation is the Current Affairs (GK). Your current Affairs preparation for CMAT should cover all the important topics and events and changes at national and international level. GK for CMAT exam is as important as other sections and cannot be avoided.


To prepare GK for CMAT, you should gather the CMAT Exam GK material. It should be noted that good preparation of Current Affairs for CMAT 2022 can lead you through the best AICTE approved MBA/PGDM programme. If you avoid CMAT GK syllabus in CMAT preparation, you may not expect admission in MBA at JBIMS, K J Somaiya, GIM Goa, Great Lakes or any other top AICTE approved  college.  

Top MBA Colleges Accepting CMAT: Check +50 Options for 90+, 80+, 70+, 60+, 50+ CMAT Percentile | Apply Now

This section can be divided in three parts and each part has to be given due weightage. 

  • Conventional GK-available in books;
  • Current GK- based on current reading of newspapers and periodicals; 
  • Business & Economics GK -for example changes in Fiscal and monetary policy, CRR, Repo Rate, Devaluation and up valuation of Rupee.  

Please remember current GK-whether Business, national and international has an on-going preparation method and thorough reading of the newspaper only can keep you updated. The section covers questions on Who’s who; Constitutional knowledge; Current affairs; business; economics; currency and Capitals of the countries as well as States of India; International Organizations; monetary and fiscal tools among others. Candidates may find questions with photo and emblem identification of personalities, companies among others.

  • You need to prepare both – National and International GK
  • Get CMAT GK sample questions from CMAT Mocks and CMAT previous test papers
  • Read regularly the news papers and create your own CMAT GK question bank. A good source of preparation for updated GK questions for CMAT is Manorama Year Book
  • Your CMAT GK Material should be as per CMAT GK syllabus
  • CMAT GK topics to prepare broadly are International current affairs and details about international organizations like ASEAN, TPP, BRICS and also know basic details about them, the headquarters, the year of establishment
  • Topics and GK sample questions for CMAT preparation should also include National current developments, Government schemes like Abrogation of Article 370, Covid pandemic, Establishment of Bad Bank, UDAN Scheme, Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, JAM, Demonetisation, GST among others; latest who’s who; achievements; pacts and agreements

CMAT Preparation Books by Arun Sharma
Some of the best books to prepare for CMAT include the CMAT preparation books by Arun Sharma. These books by Arun Sharma for CMAT exam preparation are available for all the test sections and the topics that appear in CMAT exam. Some of the key features of these CMAT preparation books authored by Arun Sharma are:

  • The book is updated with new chapters, exercises, replica test questions and the approach how to answer
  • Conceptual clarity and fundamentals with formula in each part of the CMAT Preparation book by Arun Sharma on each topic is well explained followed by sectional quizzes and practice questions as well as past questions on the topic.
  • The books to prepare on VARC, Quant, DI, LR, written by Arun Sharma are separately available so as to focus on the topic in which the CMAT aspirant is week.
  • Each book on each CMAT sectional preparation by Arun Sharma carries solved past questions

CMAT Preparation Books by Arun Sharma are:

  • How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT’- by Arun Sharma & Meenakshi Upadhyay
  • ‘How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for CAT’ - by Arun Sharma (Published by McGraw Hill)
  • ‘How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for the CAT’ - by Arun Sharma (Published by McGraw Hill)
  • ‘How to prepare for Quantitative for the CAT’ - by Arun Sharma, published by MGH Education

Best Books for CMAT Recommended by Toppers
Past CMAT toppers have recommended best books for CMAT preparation. CMAT toppers suggest to follow the undernoted preparation strategy besides the CMAT preparation with books:

  • Have only one or two very good CMAT preparation Books
  • Read to get conceptual clarity on the topic for CMAT
  • Attempt well the exercises, practice questions and Mocks given after each topic of the CMAT preparation book
  • Focus more on the weak areas and attempt variety of practice questions on them 

Some of the best books and study material for CMAT recommended by Toppers are:

  • Regularly Read the articles, editorials in the English news paper to improve your RC skills
  • Focus more on your weak areas and solve more practice questions and Mocks
  • Make your fundamentals clear conceptually
  • Recommended books to prepare for CMAT are the latest preparation books by Arun Sharma and Nishit K Sinha
  • Go for only latest edition of CMAT preparation Books
  • DILR needs more practice, so attempt as many DILR practice questions for CMAT preparation
  • If you are preparing with coaching, best utilize the CMAT preparation material provided by them
  • Don’t waste time if you are stuck on a particular topic in the book, move on

How to Prepare for CMAT 2022 in 6 months?
CMAT preparation tips for beginners or for the repeaters are not much different? CMAT preparation time of 6 months is sufficient to crack the exam. Following should be adhered to before proceeding on CMAT preparation journey:

  • As you are left with sufficient CMAT preparation time, first of all go through and understand the CMAT exam pattern
  • Get a good feel of CMAT 2022 exam syllabus
  • Find out your strong and weak areas
  • Start building up the fundamentals and get conceptual clarity on the topics which fall in your weak areas
  • Don’t waste too much time on theory. If you have understood the basics, attempt CMAT sectional quiz.
  • Practice after theory is a must. Accordingly take periodical CMAT 2021 Quiz, attempt CMAT previous years Mock test, CMAT previous years question papers
  • Get the best CMAT preparation material with best books for CMAT preparation.
  • Beginning your CMAT preparation early will give you time to periodically assess yourself and overcome your weaknesses.
  • Remain confident right from the day one during your CMAT preparation journey.
  • Self Preparation is the best preparation strategy for CMAT 2022 however time is also an important factor. If a candidate gets stuck on some question due to his/her lack of conceptual clarity, the wastage of time is more and depression begins to set in. It could be a small quant formula, LR logic, or Verbal usage clarity which might need a simple push to come out of the shallow waters. This help can be provided by your mentor online or offline depending upon your preference or a mix of both.  

How to prepare for CMAT in 3 months?
CMAT preparation time of three months is not short. What you have done in last three months or whatever you have prepared can be revised now in three months with various CMAT preparation tools. The time is ripe to intensify a little your CMAT preparation strategy for three months:

  • See that you have achieved good clarity on fundamentals and have strengthened your basics
  • Alongwith going through the books for CMAT preparation, visit number of online CMAT preparation material
  • It is time that you started taking CMAT Mock test, analyse your errors and rectify them
  • Instead of reading the theory again and again, now you should attempt the question and when you are stuck, visit the basics and clarify your point to clear the confusion
  • Solve CMAT previous year question papers
  • Join a good Test series for CMAT preparation

How to prepare for CMAT 2022 in 2 months?
It may sound a little surprising but it is true. Many CMAT toppers are of the view that CMAT preparation time of two months is good enough to crack the exam. If you study effectively with right study material, even 2 months are sufficient to score 95 percentile provided you are sincere enough.

  • Focus more on CMAT Exam Quiz, CMAT Mock tests, different types of questions as appeared in CMAT
  • Don’t leave any CMAT Mock Test without analyzing it
  • Go through the Books for CMAT preparation and the CMAT preparation material and ensure  that you have gone through the sectional and overall quiz and practice tests in these CMAT preparation books.
  • There are some strong areas within your weak areas and some weak areas within your strong areas. Try to focus on all the weak areas and see if you are able to improve them. However, you should not waste more time on them. Instead focus more on your strong areas and improve them further.

How to prepare for CMAT without coaching and with self study?
There is no substitute of CMAT preparation with self study which does not require any coaching until and unless you are stuck. Experts therefore, recommend that you should start your CMAT preparation by self study and later make it a mix of self study as well as help from coaching to avoid wastage of time.

  • Self Preparation is the best preparation strategy for CMAT 2022 however time is also an important factor. If a candidate gets stuck on some question due to his/her lack of conceptual clarity, the wastage of time is more and depression begins to set in. It could be a small quant formula, LR logic, or Verbal usage clarity which might need a simple push to come out of the shallow waters. This help can be provided by your mentor online or offline depending upon your preference or a mix of both.   
  • Most of the candidates coming from Engineering or other technical background find it easy to get along well with Quant, DI and LR but when it comes to Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, they find the section too difficult. It is where they need an expert guidance.
  • CMAT preparation 2022 needs improvement in your speed and accuracy as the time to solve per question is short. You need to solve 100 questions in 180 minutes.
  • CMAT 2022 preparation should equip you with continuous sitting for more than 3 hours without break. To achieve this you are required to take more Mocks, CMAT previous year test papers.

CMAT Preparation with Coaching
CMAT coaching helps you overcome many weak areas. Choose for the best coaching for CMAT preparation, if you wish to prepare for CMAT with the help of coaching. Some of the best CMAT test coaching institutes are TIME, CL, IMS.


CMAT coaching online is a good answer to the working professionals who find it difficult to attend regular class room coaching for CMAT. During the past few years preference for CMAT online coaching has gone up many times. In fact, CMAT online preparation through online coaching for CMAT is more cost effective, less time consuming and offers you more time to practice CMAT question papers and CMAT exercises.  

MBA/PGDM Admissions 2022 Open | Apply Now
IMI New Delhi Admissions 2022 Last date Dec 13
MICA PGP (PGDM-C/PGDM) Admissions 2022

CMAT Preparation 2022 With Mock Tests 
CMAT 2022 Mock Tests and CMAT Previous Years Question Papers are the major CMAT preparation tools for CMAT 2022 exam. Alongwith the CMAT Mock tests, CMAT exam quiz, CMAT previous years Mock test, CMAT sectional quiz also play a major role in improving your speed and accuracy in CMAT preparation.


CMAT Mock test alongwith CMAT previous years mock tests and CMAT Practice test papers for CMAT 2022, prepared by top experts and CMAT toppers are good tool to prepare for CMAT and crack the exam. CMAT sample papers are available as CMAT online tests also. There are number of CMAT online mock tests comprising replica CMAT exam questions to help in your CMAT preparation...Attempt CMAT Test papers


CMAT Preparation Strategy to score 95+ percentile
It may be noted that even half of the total questions, if attempted right can fetch you a percentile of 96-98. So prepare accordingly. CMAT Preparation does not require you to study round the clock, instead you need to study smartly and with intelligent approach to crack the questions correctly in minimum time to achieve high score.


Looking at the level of difficulty and surprise elements that appear in CMAT every year, a thorough preparation of 3 to 4 months is required to crack CMAT 2022. 

Top MBA Colleges Accepting CMAT: Check +50 Options for 90+, 80+, 70+, 60+, 50+ CMAT Percentile | Apply Now

According to the experts and toppers, the best way to prepare for CMAT 2022 exam is to know your strengths and weaknesses and start working on them now. Since there is time to get over with your weakness and further strengthen your strong areas, you must devote around 2-3 hours a day from now on to crack CMAT 2022 with a high score. 


CMAT Study material for CMAT preparation 2022, therefore, consists of the books for CMAT; online CMAT study material provided to you by your coaching institute or the offline CMAT practice test papers bought from Market; CMAT test series attended by you; the study and practice material for CMAT provided to you by your coaching centre in hard copy among others. The more you study the CMAT study material and the more you practice on CMAT Mock tests and CMAT sample papers, the more you will be able to score in CMAT exam.


CMAT is Common Admission Test and does not require a specialist or professor in English, Maths or Reasoning. CMAT exam is to assess how you approach the question and how intelligently solve it in the shortest time. CMAT test does not require you to attempt all the questions but the need is to maximise your correct attempts and minimise the wrong attempts. 

India’s Top MBA Entrance Exams: Check Dates, Pattern, Mocks, Registration Process…

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